How SaaS is Changing the HR Industry
People love to hate on HR. They are invisible on your best days and in your face on your worst days. Company employees and HR often see things very differently. For example, in the recent article “35+ Impressive HR Statistics You Need to Know in 2019,” Courtney Moran notes that in an international survey, HR professionals and non-HR professionals were asked, “Is employee engagement a strategic priority for your company?” 88% of HR professionals cried “YES!” while a dismal “43%” of non-HR professionals agreed with a “Yes.”

In a 2018 study, Dan Staley, global HR technology leader with PwC is quoted as saying “Moving a core system to the cloud is a barometer of how serious organizations are about that technology…” ISG has recently released an interesting “HR Tech Capability Model,” gauging how technologically advanced HR departments are on a scale of “HR Tech 1.0” having attributes like a lack of strategy and central ownership, no SaaS and basic reporting, all the way to “HR Tech 4.0,” boasting full automation, central governance and full SaaS among other characteristics. A few of the highlights of the study note that while many organizations are starting to see the benefit of SaaS, it’s slow going on adoption. It’s also noted that “Organizations are making significant investments in advanced technology to address many of the complex HR challenges, but they are missing opportunities to optimize processes and failing to prioritize change management to ensure adoption.”

With data security topping the priority charts for HR, followed closely by ease of operation and management, it’s surprising more HR departments haven’t partnered closely with IT to make the upgrade to a system that gives them the boost they need. So how exactly could SaaS revolutionize the IT industry? Those surveyed by ISG say that SaaS has the very real potential to do everything from improving employee user experience, HR cost reduction, reduced reliance on IT, promote globalization to even helping to “increase employee engagement,” an issue Courtney Moran noted prominently.

About Sangfor Technologies:
Sangfor Technologies wants to see more partnership between the HR department and IT. Consider the value of IAM, Sangfor’s SWG on steroids, going light-years beyond URL filtering, application control and security. IAM has integrated SaaS application inspection and CASB control functions, taking security and management up a notch. Every organization has HR and Sangfor believes every organization from finance to manufacturing, could benefit from more control, employee satisfaction and engagement and cost reduction.

We would like to invite you to learn more about IAM and its newest functions in an online Webinar on April 18th at 4PM (HKT). Click HERE or visit our website at to register and let us take you a bit further toward total HR and employee satisfaction, safety and compliance (for all HR professionals!) with IAM, SaaS and more.

Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing.

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