"It’s Time To Prioritize Cyber Security“ Says Malaysian PM Muhyiddin

During the Cyber Defense & Security Exhibition and Conference 2021 (CYDES 2021), PM Muhyiddin stated that “cyber security should become the priority of every nation, especially on matters underlying economic and national security.” Malaysia has experienced  many highly destructive cybercrimes in the past three years, and PM Muhyiddin believes that focusing on improving security systems are the best solution to fend off these threats.

Over time, network threats like malware and ransomware are improving and becoming  more powerful. Cyber security experts agree with PM Muhyiddin in their belief that we must begin implementing our own updated network protections to keep our information and economy secure.

How Much Malaysian Money Was Lost Due to Lack of Cyber Security?

PM Muhyiddin points out that network threats and ransomware are the prime culprits of the loss of millions of dollars each year. Additionally, MalayMail recorded that in 2020 alone, “the number of cybercrimes increased to 14,229 with total losses of over 63 million USD."

Focusing on the improvement of our network defenses will help us reduce the money lost to cyber criminals and stop more ransomware attacks in the future.

What did PM Muhyiddin Do?

PM Muhyiddin took the initiative by starting the Malaysia Cyber Security Strategy (MCSS),  a 4-year program spanning from 2020 to 2024, with the goal of developing a cyberspace that can be trusted to secure our networks. Although the program was initially created to help the Malaysian government detect cyber threats and respond to them quickly, we should continue thinking about how a trustworthy network defense system can ensure the safety of our information.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister also stated that the government will implement CYDES as a platform to gather all cyber security experts together to inspire each other, and ultimately strengthen cyber security governance and discourage malicious hacking.

According to PM Muhyiddin, “MCSS has also outlined 113 programs under its 35 action plans,” showing the dedication he has towards winning the battle against new and more powerful ransomware.

Improved Enterprise Security Also Means Improved Privacy

Enterprise security is crucial to all organizations, providing protection for enterprise and customer data and employees by, preventing cyber-attack.

What will happen if we fail to improve enterprise security?

  • Ransomware and cyber threats will only worsen.
  • Every successful network breach incentivizes the attackers next malicious attack, and the ransom collected from the stolen information funds  future attacks.

What does true enterprise security look like? 

  • Safe cyberspace allows companies to counter attacks immediately, forcing cyber criminals to seek out weaker targets.
  • Putting more emphasis on cyber and enterprise security will help us protect precious and valuable information, a function proven beneficial in terms of economic and national security.

It’s Time to Take Action

Our lives have become digitized, and it’s important to protect all our information and data. Although PM Muhyiddin’s MCSS initiative mainly prioritizes the protection of Malaysian government entities, the world could take a lesson in  the importance of implementing security methods to enforce our network safety. Sangfor Technologies provides modern and advanced security products that, like PM Muhyiddin mentioned, predicts, detects, deters, and responds to cyber threats. 

Sangfor’s security product offerings include:

1. Sangfor NGAF – The Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Sangfor NGAF, or Next-Generation Application Firewall, is an intelligent first line of defense against network threats, powered by the most up-to-date security technologies, to ensure your network is safe and user-friendly at the same time.

2. Sangfor Cyber Command – A Network Detection and Response (NDR) Platform

Sangfor Cyber Command is a network detection and response (NDR) tool to help users investigate network breaches and implement cyber threat hunting processes to eliminate them, providing the best and fastest prediction, detection, and response.

3. Sangfor Endpoint Secure – Advanced Endpoint Security

Sangfor Endpoint Secure provides a holistic response to malware infections and APT breaches across the entire organization’s network, with ease of management, operation, and maintenance. Not only is Endpoint Secure easy to use, but it provides  intelligent and multi-dimensional defense against malware.


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