Data is an essential part of the functioning of enterprises, and with it, comes its management. Organizations generate data through every single process that they have, and every moment they are functioning. Some of it is confidential and some of it is simply fundamental to business operations. Therefore, because data is understood to be an asset, attackers look to find vulnerabilities in enterprise networks that will allow them to obtain this data to use as collateral or as methods to further access highly valuable resources. This means that part of managing data is protecting it.

Threats to data are not new, and there are many technical solutions that have been developed over the years as precautionary measures for organizations and individuals alike to take towards preventing them, however, with time, threat detection and attack resolution have become increasingly difficult as the methods that attackers use have advanced beyond what many data protection measures have been built to handle.

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What does this mean? It means that enterprises must acknowledge this and take the necessary steps to strengthen their defenses too. Every day, there are over 500,000 new variants of malware coming out. In the year 2021, a record 1,862 data breaches occurred, with Statista estimating that the average cost of a data breach globally is currently $3.86 million. Cybersecurity Ventures estimated that in 2021, a ransomware attack would take place every eleven seconds. These statistics were not based on enterprises that did not have any existing security measures, but rather on organizations whose measures were not advanced enough. While finding a one-size-fits-all solution may be impossible, there are ones that have come close. Sangfor’s Cyber Command is one such solution.

What Is Sangfor Cyber Command?

Sangfor Cyber Command is an NDR (Network Detection and Response) Platform designed to detect and respond to cyber threats that exist or may arise on enterprise networks. Cyber Command does this through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and global threat intelligence and works to mitigate any present threats and avoid future infection.

How Does Cyber Command Work?

A detailed network traffic analysis is completed by NDR using user and entity-based behavior analytics in order to assess all internal and external anomalies missed in existing firewalls, endpoints, and servers in the enterprise network. NDR monitors not only the standard North-South traffic but East-West traffic too, which allows for a wider range of analysis than other protection methods can reach.

After the analysis is complete and the threats have been detected, NDR initiates a response. Threats are prioritized according to their level of criticality with the most serious being mitigated first. Some of the responses include:

  • Blocking attackers
  • Potential threat prevention: this finds threats before they escalate into real-time incidents, and it traces the origin of threats
  • The quick mitigation of any present attacks such as ransomware through calculated best practices

Of course, the response followed is based on the threats detected. Thereafter, using Cyber Command, administrators will then have full visibility of the network, allowing them to monitor and improve as needed. Sangfor provides enterprises with 100% visibility, giving a full view of every inch of infrastructure so your organization can have a better understanding of the source of the threats (through impact analysis and Goldeneye), their nature, their mapping, and how and why we select certain responses.

Cyber Command further provides an automated response to threats, removing the need for complex and ineffective security methods.

What Are Some of the Threats/Vulnerabilities That NDR Detects?

Threats or vulnerabilities that are detectable by NDR include but are not limited to the following:

  • Unmanaged assets
  • Undetected attackers that aim to spread into other servers or hosts
  • Attacks resulting from compromised VPNs: Especially as a result of the growth in remote work caused by COVID-19, VPNs have been used to gain access to corporate resources; according to CEPro, 67% of cyberattacks target remote workers with 71% of security leaders lacking full access to and insight into remote employee home networks


Waiting for threats to the safety of your organizational data to arise before taking action is costly, and can risk enterprises not only millions of dollars but the future of the organization too. Cyber Command was built to detect such threats before they happen because we understand that prevention is better than cure.  


How is Cyber Command better than existing cyber security solutions? 

Sangfor Cyber Command is a modern solution designed to detect and resolve modern threats. Through technologies such as AI and machine learning, our Cyber Command can analyze beyond the scope of more popularly known cyber threats. NDR detects the 1% of threats that most security measures miss through standard network analysis and incident response making it the best solution for enterprises searching for a reliable cyber security solution.  

Will Cyber Command take care of all our cybersecurity issues?

Sangfor’s Cyber Command works together with existing threat capabilities to improve your overall defense. By combining Cyber Command with Sangfor Endpoint Secure and Sangfor NGAF, Cyber Command is able to detect and resolve threats more efficiently and in a timely manner.

How does NDR detect anomalies?

NDR uses modeling or AI and machine learning to detect any anomalies that may be present.

How costly is Sangfor’s Cyber Command?

While maintaining its high standard, our Cyber Command is cost-effective making it suitable for small-medium-sized enterprises, as well as large organizations. Sangfor simplifies threat hunting through the single-use of cyber command where other data protection platforms overcomplicate threat detection and response by compensating for their inadequacies through several different platforms, costing enterprises more and still providing less protection.

To experience Sangfor Cyber Command and identify the vulnerabilities in your network defense, contact us via the link below.

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