Proxy Avoidance Protection

Proxy Avoidance is Everywhere

Users have a need to access the internet for personal use regardless of corporate or organizational internet access control polices. They will install unauthorized VPN programs or other applications (like anonymous browsers with TOR access, proxy avoidance software, etc.) on systems and mobile devices. But doing so brings great risk to your organization.

At best, the biggest risk would be hogging bandwidth away from critical business applications. But at worst, all manner of ransomware, malware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are brought in by users accessing infected or phishing websites by circumventing all network security protections. Making it worse still is now there is a huge blind spot on what applications are running and communicating across your network.

Protecting Against Proxy Avoidance

Sangfor XDDR takes application and network enforcement to the next level with Proxy Avoidance Protection by integrating and correlating endpoint, container, or workload application behavior (whether on-premise or in the cloud) with its behavior on the network.  Endpoint Secure sends the programs running on the endpoint to the NGAF or IAG where it displays anti-proxy/VPN programs as well as the top 300 running applications. Application Containment policies can be created on the NGAF and IAG based on the applications running to block or monitor specific applications.

Granular Application Control

Sangfor NGAF or Sangfor IAG working with Endpoint Secure provides Proxy Avoidance Protection, a subset of Sangfor’s Application Containment Solutions. Proxy Avoidance Protection has a library of well-known anti-proxy applications, anonymous browsers, and VPNs to create blocking/monitoring policies enforced by the Endpoint Secure Protect Agent.

Stop Users from Bringing Risk to Your Network

Unlike XDR products, Sangfor XDDR Application Containment is the only true solution where network and endpoint (whether on-premise or in the cloud) work together to identify, control, and report on both allowed and malicious applications running on endpoints and communicating across the network. Sangfor NGAF, IAG and Endpoint Secure directly cooperate so Application Containment can provide real-time visualization of allowed and malicious application communications throughout the network, which is vital for preventing lateral propagation of ransomware, malware, and APTs. Sangfor NGAF, IAG and Endpoint Secure directly coordinate response so Application Containment can provide real-time blocking and monitoring of unapproved or malicious applications.

Take back control from rogue applications delivered by ransomware, malware and APTs that users brought into your network with Sangfor Application Containment and block users from bypassing your internet access control policies to prevent them from doing it again.