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Malaysian Road Transport Department

Customer Overview

The Malaysian Road Transport Department (RTD) (Malay: Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia, JPJ) is a government department under the Malaysian Ministry of Transport. According to the Road Transport Act, the enforcement and regulatory duties are under the roles and responsibilities of JPJ.

JPJ has more than 160 offices nationwide, the function of JPJ offices is to examine and issue the Malaysian driving license, road tax, vehicle registration and relevant documents for its users.


JPJ is handling critical information on a daily basis and therefore needed a new advanced security solution to further enhance the security of their network.

The previous UTM security solution was lacking modern security features such as IPS, APT, etc. In addition, JPJ also needed data protection tools to provide Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) to prevent data loss.

JPJ's IT team was also looking for better reporting tools to have a better visibility of the network and easily locate network threats.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor has proposed its NGAF (Next Generation Application Firewall) to enhance the security level of the entire network. In order to avoid any interruption for the current IT infrastructure, Sangfor NGAF was deployed in bridge mode. With the hardware bypass feature, JPJ does not need to worry anymore about any impact on the network.

With all security features enabled (IPS, APT, Risk Assessment, Real-time Vulnerability Scanner, Content Security & etc.), JPJ has now a future-proof security solution. The integrated reporting tools also provided JPJ's IT team with a complete view of the network status and made the report to the management much easier.