Sangfor Technologies is proud to announce that Sangfor Endpoint Secure has again been awarded the "TOP PRODUCT" certification for the seventh time from AV-Test, a leading independent organization specializing in the evaluation of IT security products.

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In the latest testing of the best Windows antivirus software for business users, 17 endpoint protection products underwent rigorous testing over September and October 2023. Sangfor Endpoint Secure distinguished itself as one of only five products to attain a perfect 6 across the three tested categories: Protection, Performance, and Usability—achieving this feat in consecutive tests (July/August 2023).

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Sangfor Endpoint Secure Test Results


In the Protection category, Sangfor Endpoint Secure was put through rigorous testing that mirrored real-world threats. AV-Test assessed protection capabilities in two stages. The first stage rated protection against 0-day malware attacks, that is, attacks involving previously unknown malware. The second stage assessed the detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the four weeks leading up to the tests.

Sangfor Endpoint Secure excelled against 0-day malware attacks, achieving 100% protection in both September of October compared to an industry average of 99.2%. It also attained near-perfect detection of newly discovered widespread and prevalent malware, earning it a maximum score of 6 in this category.

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Endpoint Secure’s outstanding detection rate of new and unknown threats is attributed to multiple layers of advanced detection engines. These include Sangfor Engine Zero, an AI-enabled malware detection engine that has been trained using millions of malware samples. Moreover, the latest edition of Endpoint Secure version 6, is equipped with a combination of static and dynamic AI-based detection engines that detect and kill ransomware in as little as 3 seconds at 99.83% zero-day accuracy. See it for yourself in the 3 Seconds to Kill Ransomware webinar.


Sangfor Endpoint Secure also stood out in terms of Performance, which evaluates a product’s impact on system speed while carrying out everyday PC tasks. The tested operations included launching websites and applications, downloading, and installing applications, and copying files.

While Endpoint Secure is packed with various protection capabilities, it is lightweight enough that performance impact is at or below the industry average in all tested operations. These results prove that the product allows users to work smoothly while having the best protection.

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The Usability score measures a product’s ability to avoid false warnings, detections, and blockages of legitimate behaviors. Such false positives can seriously hamper work efficiency and lead to unnecessary operations and maintenance overhead.

Again, Endpoint Secure demonstrated remarkable performance in this category, generating zero false positives across all tested behaviors during two months of testing.

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This level of accuracy is especially significant as it minimizes interruptions to users and ensures smooth business operations. These results are attributed to Endpoint Secure's advanced detection capability, as previously noted in the Protection category.

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Discover Sangfor Endpoint Secure

Sangfor Endpoint Secure is a comprehensive Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) that innovatively combines Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Endpoint Management capabilities into a single solution. It offers end-to-end protection Before, During, and After attacks. Prevention mechanisms mitigate risks and vulnerabilities pre-attack, active and passive detection mechanisms identify and block threats during attacks, while remediation mechanisms eradicate threats and support forensic investigation post-attack.

Endpoint Secure leads the way in ransomware protection as the only endpoint security solution able to detect ransomware in as little as 3 seconds and enable file recovery in case of ransomware encryption. Endpoint Secure provides multiple ransomware recovery capabilities. These include file backup recovery, Windows system image recovery via Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), and integration with Sangfor HCI cloud infrastructure ensuring no data is lost because of encryption. Core to Endpoint Secure’s ransomware detection capabilities are the world's first and only endpoint ransomware honeypot and AI-based static and dynamic behavioral detection. IOCs collected from over 12 million Endpoint Secure agents globally train purpose-built AI detection modules to achieve a detection accuracy rate of 99.83%.

Visit the Endpoint Secure product page or download the product brochure to discover its full range of features and capabilities, use cases, success stories, and more.


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