According to the recently released IDC's 2018 report "IDC PRC Quarterly Security Appliance Tracker 2018Q4", the security market for content management market in China is continuously growing. According to each vendor total revenue, the growth rate in 2018 exceeds 25.8%. Among them, the market share of Sangfor IAM is 25.53%, which is more than the sum of the second, third and fourth vendors. The market share of Sangfor IAM has been ranked first for ten consecutive years since 2009! With strong technical support, Sangfor IAM has also been listed in the Gartner SWG Magic Quadrant for seven consecutive years.
Sangfor IAM continues to dominate the market as its champion for 10 consecutive years
Continuous Innovation Builds Leadership

Based on continuous and in-depth insight into the needs of customers, Sangfor IAM has accumulated strong technical strength after years of continuous innovation. In 2019, Sangfor has achieved several major technological innovation breakthroughs to help users achieve more comprehensive, more convenient and smarter Internet management.

1. Full recognition of HTTPS traffic, more comprehensive control

HTTPS traffic has now exceeded 50% of Internet traffic, and encrypted traffic tends to become a blind spot for internal risk management. That is why Sangfor launched an innovative full decryption feature of all HTTPS traffic. Based on its HTTPS traffic deep resolution algorithm, it can realize the full recognition of HTTPS web content and enhance the control of encrypted traffic.

2. Control any device, anywhere and with better control

For multi-branch office scenarios, user accounts and permissions can automatically achieve remote synchronization through Sangfor IAM, and same user can automatically connect to the network and obtain the same access rights in different branches, which achieves user-based management.

3. Big data behavior analysis, smarter control

Based on massive online log, Sangfor IAM system modeling analyses the characteristics of user behaviors, such as employee turnover tendency, work efficiency analysis, student online loan behavior, and electronic library resource analysis. Nowadays, there are more than 13 scenarios for deployment. It serves many customers such as the Ministry of Science and Technology in China, Nankai University and Vanke Group. Visit our website for more information about Sangfor Business Intelligence platform.
Sangfor IAM continues to dominate the market as its champion for 10 consecutive years 2
Placing Customers At The Core Of Our Innovation

Sangfor IAM has always been focusing on “meeting the actual needs of users and solving specific problems of users”, continuously improving user experience and introducing simpler and easier-to-use functions and more valuable solutions.

Due to the profound technical strength and the customer-oriented service, Sangfor IAM has been widely recognized by users. At present, Sangfor IAM has provided services for more than 50,000 customers in various industries in China & Overseas countries. In addition, Sangfor has also provided services for Internet Access Management for the World Internet Conference, the Olympic Games (China), the G20 Hangzhou Summit and other large-scale events, as well as many other Overseas Customers.

For more information about Sangfor IAM, please visit our website.

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