Sangfor Technologies is delighted to announce its recognition in the Frost & Sullivan Frost Radar™ for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), 2023. This acknowledgment underscores Sangfor’s robust growth and innovation in the SASE sector, with Frost & Sullivan estimating a year-over-year growth of 37.7% for its SASE business in 2022.

The Frost Radar for SASE, 2023, employed 10 critical metrics to evaluate growth and innovation, selecting nine companies that met the criteria of providing a SASE platform that utilizes in-house SD-WAN, ZTNA, and FWaaS/SWG technology and is supported by globally distributed points of presence (PoPs).

Notably, the Frost Radar recognized that “Sangfor is the only Chinese vendor that can provide SASE solutions through a single pass architecture to deliver unified networking and security services.”

Sangfor Recognized in the Frost & Sullivan Frost Radar™ for SASE, 2023

Sangfor’s competitive placement on the Innovation Index is attributed to its strong commitment to enhancing the comprehensiveness of the SASE platform. Its SASE solution, Sangfor Access Secure, leverages ML/AI to provide AIOps for simplified network operations. Sangfor’s AI-driven Engine Zero malware detection engine and robust threat intelligence database also allow the company to deliver real-time analysis and more effective security protection through the SASE platform.

Vivien Pua, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan

What is SASE and Why is it Important?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based architecture that combines networking and security capabilities into a single platform, delivered as a service. It provides users with efficient, secure, and reliable access to corporate resources like applications and data, cloud services, and the internet, regardless of location. A SASE solution typically includes services like SD-WAN, Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

The importance of SASE lies in its ability to adapt to the evolving digital landscape, where traditional perimeter-based security models are insufficient. As businesses increasingly adopt cloud services and support remote workforces, SASE provides a scalable and agile solution to manage network access, data protection, and threat prevention. It ensures consistent security policies across various environments, reduces complexity by converging networking and security services, and enhances user experience through optimized performance. In an era of increasing cyber threats and distributed networks, SASE emerges as a critical framework for enterprises seeking to safeguard their digital assets while maintaining operational flexibility.

Explore Sangfor Access Secure 

Sangfor Access Secure is a comprehensive single-vendor SASE solution that converges in-house SD-WAN and security technologies. Deployed across globally distributed PoPs, it boasts a 99.99% high availability rate, ensuring secure and efficient work across various locations. 

The platform prides itself on its advanced security capabilities. Beyond the standard SASE services like NGFW, SWG, and ZTNA, Access Secure innovatively incorporates Endpoint Security, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), and native TLS/SSL decryption, among other capabilities. These integrated components collectively provide comprehensive protection for organizations and their users.

Sangfor Access Secure Components

Sangfor Recognized in the Frost & Sullivan Frost Radar™ for SASE, 2023

As a cloud-native platform, Access Secure seamlessly scales to align with business expansion, guaranteeing consistent connectivity and superior digital performance. Its enhanced visibility and real-time analytics offer a holistic view of network operations, boosting performance and enabling informed decision-making.

Sangfor Access Secure is currently available in China (including Hong Kong) and in ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, with ongoing efforts to extend its reach to other locations in the APAC and EMEA regions.

Please click here to download your copy of the Frost Radar Secure Access Service Edge, 2023,  and learn more about why Sangfor has been selected as a leading “Company to Action” for innovation and growth in the global SASE market.

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