Monthly Newsletter: Sangfor Releases Major Update for NGAF 8.0.26 with Advanced Malware Protection

03/08/2020 09:16:42

Sangfor Releases Major Update for NGAF 8.0.26 with Advanced Malware Protection

Sangfor Technologies is proud to announce the release of Sangfor NGAF version 8.0.26, a new firmware which includes several new exciting features and changes:

  • - Effective Enhanced Security for Advanced Malware Protection
  • - All-in-One Endpoint Security Management
  • - Granular Enterprise Asset Management & Traffic Control
The Launch of Sangfor NGAF New Security Subscription Bundles

In conjunction with the release of the latest NGAF version 8.0.26, Sangfor is pleased to introduce the newest NGAF subscription bundles, designed to help organizations to deal with continuously evolving cyber threat by providing the flexibility to choose the appropriate security subscription easily and quickly!
Silver Peak Slows Down After Being Acquired by HPE: The End of Innovation?

Before they were acquired by HPE, Silver Peak, founded in 2004, developed products for wide area networks (WANs), including WAN optimization and SD-WAN solutions. As a leader in both the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN optimization and WAN edge infrastructure, it was puzzling that such an outstanding company would be willing to be acquired by another. Why would this successful company sell out at their peak of their success?
Sangfor HCI Whiteboard Video: CDP

CDP (Continuous Data Protection) is to achieve near-zero RPO for business critical applications. With CDP enabled, Sangfor HCI will record VM IO logs every five seconds and store all record points for the past 3 days. Complementing with built-in backup, you can roll back to VM version at any time point in the past 3 days instantly. CDP is built-in and made easy with an intuitive timeline display.
How Can Sangfor HCI & SCP Empower Your Business?

With Sangfor’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution and SCP updates rolling out in June, many might wonder, in what scenario could I use the increased cohesion of these two solutions to boost my security and connectivity?

  • - Scenario #1 – A company wishes to supplement their current HCI cluster with more HCI clusters.
  • - Scenario #2 – A company with existing HCI clusters and SCP management wants to upgrade a single cluster.
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Waking Up After a 3-Tier Architecture Nightmare

As three-tier architecture is increasingly overwhelmed, more businesses are moving to the simplicity and efficiency of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). Administrators are attracted to the simplicity of using a single management console, in addition to the consolidation of legacy appliances into far less complex and space and power consuming hardware, sometimes cutting TCO by up to 70%. Let’s break down a few of the biggest benefits CIO’s are finding with HCI.
Garmin Loses-Out to Cyber-Crime!

Garmin, a leading GPS navigation provider, experienced a service outage on July 23rd, 2020. BBC identifies the attack as a new malware strain named WastedLocker, said to be deployed by the EvilCorp gang and targeting very specific, deep-pocketed organizations such as multinational corporations for ransoms starting from 500K and reaching $10 million in Bitcoin.

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