2018 Comes to a Close… And Cyber-Criminals are Celebrating Too!

01/11/2018 11:08:09
With the Christmas and New Year’s holidays approaching, shoppers typically spend an average of $1,500 each during the holiday season globally. Criminals are not above celebrating and spending for the holidays – although they prefer to spend YOUR money on the festivities. With an average of 122 billion USD being spent online during the Chinese New Year holiday alone, it’s important to consider how you are protecting the personally identifiable information of your customers.

When your personal, educational, financial, medical or payment information is stolen, where does it go and what does it sell for? You will be surprised and criminals will be pleased with the rock bottom prices for your information!  Some might even say it’s on sale!

What is the estimated cost to purchase PII in an underground market on the dark web?
•    A passport typically sells for around $1 and $4000
•    A copy of your higher education diploma sells from $100 to $400
•    Copies of your (USA, Japanese or Korean) credit or debit card sell for between $10 and $70
•    Medical records cost buyers an average of $50
•    Online payment service login information runs between $35 and $205

What types of gifts can criminals buy with your information?
•    A passport will get you airline tickets, visas and hotel bookings!
•    A diploma could get you a job (not that they want one)!
•    Credit card information will get you a shopping spree, ATM cash or gift cards!
•    With stolen medical records, online pharmacies will deliver all the prescription drugs you can carry!
•    Online payment service information gets you anything from Netflix or Amazon access to money laundering, all from the comfort of your own home.

The personal information of your customers is the gift that keeps on giving all year long for the industrious hacker or malicious thief with basic access to the dark web. Be extra vigilant this year and protect your customers from cyber theft by giving some extra thought to your network security.

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