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Established in 1979, Akara Group has evolved into a significant agricultural-industrial enterprise in Thailand, encompassing a diverse range of affiliated businesses, from animal feed production to chicken egg processing. The company began with an animal feed factory and has expanded its operations to include a chicken farm, egg screening facility, and processing plant, establishing itself as a comprehensive hub for high-quality chicken egg production.

Akara Group Co., Ltd.



Akara Group confronted a significant challenge with its aging servers, which impacted the performance of its ERP system, a critical component of its operations. The company needed a new IT infrastructure to ensure operational efficiency, reliability, and enhanced value.

Sangfor Solution for Akara

solution for Akara Group Co., Ltd.

In response, Sangfor proposed the adoption of a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) system. Akara Group implemented Sangfor HCI in a three-node setup with specialized software to replace its outdated servers. This new system centralizes management and supports essential applications such as ERP, Active Directory (AD), file sharing, and HR apps, creating a cohesive and high-performing environment.

Sangfor HCI emerged as a transformative solution, providing the company with a stable IT foundation that seamlessly integrates with all its applications. The system not only addressed immediate challenges but also paved the way for future growth and technological advancements.

Akara Group’s Positive Experience with Sangfor

Sangfor HCI received resounding praise, particularly for its ability to maintain uninterrupted business operations. Akara Group's IT team expressed confidence in utilizing the system around the clock. Even during a power outage that temporarily halted operations, restarting the system was a smooth process with no data loss. This experience reinforced the IT team's trust in Sangfor HCI’s ability to ensure continuous service availability and data protection.

In summary, Sangfor HCI not only resolved Akara Group's immediate technological challenges but also established a dependable and future-ready IT infrastructure. The success of this implementation underscores the important alignment between technology and business requirements, ensuring the seamless operation of agricultural-industrial companies like Akara Group.


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