Customer Background
The Lyceum of the Philippines University is a school system,which espouses the ideals of its first founder, Jose P. Laurel – the third president of the Philippines, bearing its signature motto - Truth and Courage, for God and Country.
The Bayleaf Cavite is a 4-star hotel located along Governor’s Drive in the historic city of General Trias. The Bayleaf Hotels is owned and operated by Lyceum of the Philippines University.

  • Low Resource Utilization and Low Performance of the Traditional Datacenter.
    Individual applications were running on over 20 seperate servers.
  • High Cost in CapEx and OpEx.
    Vmware Enterprise version were used with high license cost and renewal cost in 2018.
  • Lack of Reliability Design.
    No auto backup, no disaster recovery solution.
Why Choose Sangfor
  • Sangfor provides a viable solution to reduce the high annual licensing cost of Vmware.
  • Sangfor has strong local team with the ability of migration, implementation and upkeep of the infrastructure.
  • Moving to public cloud is going to be a lot more costly due to the high cost of bandwidth.
Sangfor Solutions
Sangfor aCloud with aSV, aSAN , aDR, aCMP and aSEC was deployed in 4 separate clusters with a total of 10 nodes, complete with a Disaster Recovery plan while maintaining autonomy between two large university campuses combined and two 4-star hotels with 5-star service delivery needs.

Sangfor HCI Values
  • One-stop solution: Tailor-made and one-stop solution for all datacenter requirements:High Availability, High Performance, Backup, DR and Security.
  • Cost reduction: 30% cost reduction on CapEx, 50% cost reduction on OpEx.
  • Ease management: They can visualize all traffic and easily manage with web-based console “what you draw is what you get”.
  • Fully-connected interactive education environment with course functions and educational resource sharing.

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