Coca Cola Case Study 1

What comes to mind when you think of Coca-Cola?
It’s a household name, familiar to everyone across the globe.

Coca Cola Case Study 2Coca-Cola, it’s the “The Real Thing”.
Have a Coke and a smile,
and forget all your troubles.

Every day, 1.7 billion people drink Coca-Cola products globally, with about 19,400 drinks sold every second. Behind the large-scale product sales are Coca-Cola's excellent supply chain management and strict product quality control.

Coca-Cola Bottler Management Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Coca-Cola), is responsible for the management of the Coca-Cola non-carbonated beverage production systems in the Chinese market, with products including Minute Maid, fruit juice drinks, Aquarius and Minute Maid Dairy. In the digital era, Coca-Cola Bottler Management Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is developing and implementing a "precise growth" digital strategy and industry 4.0, promoting intelligent manufacturing through intelligent technology and automated design.

In 2019, Coca-Cola began working with Sangfor Technologies to comprehensively upgrade its security protection systems and build a network security benchmark in the FMCG industry.

 Innovating industrial manufacturing requires more and more factory production systems and data to have constant online access. But with innovation comes evolving, cyber threats trying to infiltrate these new systems.

How does Coca-Cola, a company with strict security network requirements, build a security protection system that can effectively deal with unknown threats, maintain the integrity and availability of their data and critical operating information, while moving towards intelligent manufacturing?


Extinguishing Viruses

This story starts in March 2019.

The virus "Driving Life" broke out on a massive scale across China in 2019, with many enterprise networks invaded and infected, resulting in blocked Intranet access and delayed data transmission. Even an attack on a small system, like the synchronization of production, sales or other key data, meant the whole system was badly affected if not handled promptly.

“Driving Life” was so successful in disrupting business for two reasons:

  1. “Driving Life” mutated and updated several times a day making traditional anti-virus software using feature libraries for defense ineffective.
  2. “Driving Life” spread quickly and horizontally across the network. Even if the virus was detected and stopped in one area, the network was re-infected again a short time later.

However, this seemingly intractable virus was completely dismantled within six minutes when it faced Coca-Cola’s new upgraded defenses.

On March 14th at 19:07.

  • Coca-Cola's security defense system detected a "Driving Life" virus intrusion and intercepted and blocked it immediately, but several systems in Shanghai, Dongguan, and Wuhan were still infected.
  • "Driving Life" automatically reads account passwords and attempts to log into servers, desktops, and other devices with the stolen passwords, spreading across the corporate Intranet.
  • In the face of "Driving Life", Sangfor’s security team quickly implemented a mechanism that limited the use of Intranet account passwords.

On March 14th at 19:13.

Minutes later, Coca-Cola effectively killed "Driving Life" by installing Sangfor’s Endpoint Secure.

Sangfor’s New "Recipe" for Security

Many Chinese companies still relying on legacy security protections designed to detect “known” threats were infected by the unknown and therefore unrecognizable "Driving Life" virus. Effective security protection requires a security defense system that can effectively respond to unknown threats in real-time.

Coca-Cola’s collaboration with Sangfor allowed them to comprehensively upgrade their "Security Recipe” by:

1. Implementing Sangfor security risk assessment services to protect the company's assets by identifying vulnerabilities as well as internal and external attack surfaces exposed to threats, thereby enhancing daily security management capabilities and processes.

2. Deploying Sangfor’s Endpoint Secure to comprehensively improve the company’s ability to detect and respond to unknown threats as well as threats from new and variant viruses.

Endpoint Secure works in conjunction with Engine Zero, an innovative malware detection engine powered by artificial intelligence, which can effectively identify unknown viruses and variants.

Traditional antivirus software detects viruses by collecting known virus samples. But in recent years, unknown viruses and virus variants have increased exponentially while becoming increasingly more sophisticated, making it impossible to keep up with new and changing virus samples. Incorporation of AI technology gives both Sangfor’s Endpoint Secure and the Engine Zero detection engine the ability to self-learn, starting with known virus samples as a baseline, and then incorporating thousands of complex features to identify unknown malicious files and effectively deal with unknown threats.

Sangfor has efficiently harnessed all network endpoints to work together to hunt and kill mutant viruses.

After a host finds a threat, Sangfor Endpoint Secure’s file recognition engine will immediately share the virus file characteristics with the whole network, achieving the effect of “all for one, and one for all” protection.

3. Deploying Cyber Command, the Sangfor Security Intelligence Platform, to enhance the company's control over its own asset security, and identifying the root cause of a security incident as it occurs.

Coca-Cola’s manufacturing plants are spread throughout China. The deployment of Cyber Command helps Coca-Cola maintain clear visibility and control of multiple Intranet security environments from a single platform, ensuring total security, even with remote networks.

In addition to security enforcement, Coca-Cola also takes insurance compliance seriously.

Good security policies, procedures and systems are important for both security and compliance. Coca-Cola has now established a solid security protection system while simultaneously meeting strict compliance standards.

CIO of Coca-Cola Bottler Management Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. says,

“The lack of systematic security construction cannot adapt to the needs of business growth. Coca-Cola Bottler Management Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. seeks long-term development in China, expecting to become the industry benchmark and plans to build a digital information security system according to the requirements of classified protection compliance service requirements. We have a development strategy for completing classified protection compliance service construction of critical business systems by 2020, building an effective and feasible security operation system, and true security to ensure growth!’

The future of manufacturing is in both intelligence & security

Coca-Cola has been the standard for beverage manufacturing for years, and to remain that, they clearly understand the importance of network security in today’s industry. The company cannot allow hidden dangers to exist in their network that could cause disastrous consequences down the road if a viral attack occurs.

The advent of intelligent manufacturing 4.0 signifies the increasing importance of continued development of industrial manufacturing.  With development comes the issue all large factories face: the collection, processing, and synchronization of production network data across office networks, making manufacturing data "flow” smoothly. The convenience of data communication also means greater security risks. Enterprises must make more systemic considerations of their overall security design and posture.

As intelligent manufacturing relies more heavily on business data, a visible and effective security protection system is needed which can successfully mitigate unknown threats. The future of manufacturing requires improving the security intelligence of industrial processes and systems.

Coca-Cola Bottler Management Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. continues to work with Sangfor to build a better security protection system that can effectively deal with unknown threats and make them visible and manageable. Together with Sangfor, Coca-Cola will continue to evolve their enterprise security, truly realizing future-oriented and effective protection.



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