Customer Background

Coca-Cola Bottlers Management Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter SCMC) coordinates and manages the production of non-sparkling Coca-Cola beverages for the Mainland Chinese market. Against the backdrop of a booming Chinese market, SCMC is fully invested in developing its digitalization strategy and Industry 4.0, with the aim to promote greater industrial interconnection and create smart manufacturing.

Customer Challenges & Sangfor Solution

While network transformation and the introduction of intelligence promoted rapid business development, they left the business more susceptible to cyber threats. SCMC was looking to upgrade its security system with further network visibility and controllability to effectively guarantee business security. While already an existing Sangfor customer with Endpoint Secure (EDR solution) and Cyber Command (NDR solution) deployment, SCMC explored the possibility of establishing its own security operations (SecOps) to address its security needs.

After in-depth consultation and research, SCMC adopted Sangfor’s Managed Security Service (MSS). The three main capabilities of Sangfor MSS are 24x7 security monitoring, active manual and automated threat hunting, and closed-loop remediation. These capabilities enabled SCMC to successfully establish a combat-ready security system for smart manufacturing.

Solution Values & Outcomes

Sangfor MSS helped SCMC establish systematic, standardized, and continuous security risk management and security operation management to achieve early detection, early containment, and early remediation.

Early Detection

Sangfor security service experts conducted a full inspection of SCMC's assets: asset detection tools were used to actively detect assets on the network. Traffic analysis tools were deployed to continuously monitor asset changes, shadow assets, and non-compliant online business assets. Once the inspection was complete, the security operation platform reported the asset information to Sangfor’s security experts for a timely assessment.

To speed up risk identification, our security operation experts leveraged big data analysis, AI analysis, and correlation analysis to provide continuous online investigation and proactive threat hunting to detect threats before they escalate.

With regards to vulnerability management, Sangfor MSS provided vulnerability identification in two ways: scheduled and on-demand. We reported the latest vulnerability information obtained from threat intelligence in a timely manner to help CMBS discover high-risk exploitable vulnerabilities in their assets as early as possible. Only with early detection can early containment and early remediation be achieved.

Early Containment

Sangfor security experts are online 24x7 and ready to conduct manual analysis and investigation of security alerts, helping SCMC isolate compromised assets and close the source of intrusions.

Whether during normal business hours or at night and on holidays when the security is more vulnerable, Sangfor MSS promised a rapid response to keep losses at a minimum. For general vulnerabilities, threats, and events, Sangfor security service experts responded in less than one hour. For critical vulnerabilities, threats, and events, a response was made in less than half an hour. 

Early Remediation

Sangfor MSS helped SCMC perform standardized closed-loop remediation of threats, vulnerabilities, and events. Based on early containment measures, security experts also developed a closed-loop remediation mechanism that effectively closed the loop on detected security issues, helping SCMC minimize the chance of recurrence.

With the help of Sangfor Managed Security Services, Coca-Cola Bottlers Management Service built a security system that achieves early detection, early containment, and early remediation, providing a secure foundation for SCMC’s digitalization and smart manufacturing aspirations. 

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