About ICAP - Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

Established in 1961, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan – or ICAP – had the primary focus of regulating the profession of accountancy in Pakistan. The organization stands to promote, develop, and support chartered accountants by providing qualifications, professional advice, insight, and technical expertise to protect the worth and integrity of the accountancy profession.

Through the vision and the foresight of predecessors, the institution is now the premier regulatory body for the development and regulation of the chartered accountancy profession with over 8,358 active members around the world.

ICAP not only supports its members, but also the government, regulators, and businesses. As the overseer of the accounting profession in Pakistan, the Institute has progressively improved to make sure that everything is open, responsible, and well-managed within the profession.

The organization requires an IT system that can also maintain these innovative and advanced ideals.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP)

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ICAP's Business Pain-Points

As with all organizations, cybersecurity was a major concern for the ICAP. The threat of cyber-attacks and ransomware grows each day and it became crucial for the company to invest in a better cybersecurity setup.

Additionally, the organization was looking for an enhanced IT infrastructure that would improve performance and efficiency. The institute also looked for an IT system with the ability to scale resources securely and with little expense.

Sangfor’s Solution for ICAP

Sangfor proposed the use of the advanced Next-Generation Firewall to protect the institution. The solution offered enhanced malware detection and threat intelligence to ensure that cyber threats remain controlled and effectively removed without any damage to the network or data of the organization.

The platform also included an integrated Web Application Firewall to provide network and web application security in one solution. The anti-ransomware features of the Next-Generation Firewall also drastically improved the institute’s cybersecurity posture – mitigating potential ransomware threats and securing the network.

Additionally, Sangfor’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure was put to use to fully optimize the IT infrastructure of the organization to reach maximum efficiency and performance. The virtualized model of the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure ensured better control and helped to facilitate the provision and scaling of resources within minutes – as opposed to the days or weeks needed by other models.

The virtual nature of the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure also proved to be cost-effective for the organization. Moreover, the solution provided by Sangfor was complete with disaster recovery capabilities for ideal data protection at all times.

End-User Experience

The Senior IT Manager at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, Adnan Usmani, is very satisfied with Sangfor's solutions. He encourages others to use Sangfor platforms to achieve better performance and scalability while still being cost-efficient.

Sangfor provides reliable, easy-to-use, and flexible solution that can help organizations optimize their IT infrastructure.

Adnan Usmani, Senior IT Manager at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

ICAP was also highly impressed by the support services offered by Sangfor. The organization applauded Sangfor’s “astounding” team for providing efficient and consistent support at all times.


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