About Meyer Aluminium (Thailand) Company Limited

Meyer Aluminium (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the Thailand-based subsidiary of Meyer Aluminium Limited (Hong Kong), was established in 1998 at Laem Chabang Industrial Estate. It follows the tradition of manufacturing a wide range of high-quality semi-finished aluminum products, such as sheets, coils, and disks, for both domestic and international markets. Led by a team of passionate and skilled technical professionals and operating out of a modern facility equipped with cutting-edge technology,. Meyer Aluminium (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides the best service and quality products to their customers.

Meyer Aluminium (Thailand) Company Limited

Customer Challenges

  • IT Infrastructure Challenges: The company's entire IT systems operated on physical servers and storage, which were supplemented with virtualization and bundled backup software. While this setup functioned well initially, hardware replacements required the IT team to migrate data to the new servers and storage. This process not only consumed time but also incurred relatively high costs. This led the company to seek new IT infrastructure to address operational issues and optimize investment costs.
  • Security Challenges: The company suffered from cyber-attacks despite using a firewall and antivirus. The products were from different brands and did not integrate. As a result, security staff had to manually correlate and investigate security events, leading to lengthy response times. Therefore, the company sought a holistic security solution that centrally analyzes and manages security issues.

Sangfor Solutions for Meyer Aluminium

  • Sangfor Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI): Meyer Aluminium decided to switch to Sangfor HCI in a two-node configuration to replace its traditional servers and storage.
  • Sangfor Network Secure and Endpoint Secure: To strengthen its cybersecurity defenses, the company deployed Sangfor Network Secure (next-generation firewall) in combination with Endpoint Secure (endpoint protection platform). This integrated solution offers a robust security framework by enabling deep coordination between both components.
  • Sangfor Internet Access Gateway (IAG): Sangfor IAG is a secure web gateway (SWG) for managing users’ internet activities, data transmissions, authentication, bandwidth usage, etc.

sangfor solutions for meyer aluminium

Solution Benefits

Sangfor HCI

  • Streamlined Infrastructure and Scalability:
    • Sangfor HCI integrates compute, storage, and networking into a single system, simplifying management.
    • Sangfor HCI’s integrated architecture ensures high scalability. As the business expands and additional resources are required, the company can simply add additional nodes directly to the HCI cluster without moving data or applications, thereby eliminating complex migration processes.
  • Built-in Backup Software:
    • Sangfor HCI includes built-in backup software, which allows Meyer Aluminium to avoid using third-party backup solutions. This integration offers better cost-effectiveness and simplifies management.
    • The backup software is compatible with external storage solutions. This flexibility provides the company with the option to store data separately from the primary HCI cluster, enhancing data security and recovery capabilities.

Sangfor Endpoint Secure and Network Secure

  • Enhanced Threat Detection and Response:
    • The integration of Endpoint Secure and Network Secure enables the system to correlate and analyze security events across endpoints and the network. This holistic view has resulted in a reduction of false positives, allowing security staff to focus on credible threats.
    • Both components have been configured to work together to respond automatically to identified security incidents, significantly minimizing the impact of cyber threats.
  • Simplified Operations and Maintenance (O&M):
    • Security operations and maintenance tasks, such as network monitoring and incident response, can be centrally managed and executed on Network Secure. This has helped to streamline security O&M tasks for the security team.
    • Critically, the security staff no longer need to manually correlate alerts from separate security tools. This has facilitated quicker analysis and responses to security incidents.

Sangfor IAG

  • Improved Identity and Access Management:
    • Sangfor IAG addresses the need for improved management of employee access and identity verification,
    • By identifying employee identities and controlling application-based access, the company can now effectively monitor and log employee activities, contributing to improved work efficiency and security.


Meyer Aluminium significantly enhanced its IT infrastructure and cybersecurity posture through the strategic implementation of Sangfor’s solutions. By transitioning to HCI, integrating advanced security systems, and improving internet access management, the company not only streamlined operations but also strengthened its defenses against cyber threats, demonstrating the transformative power of cutting-edge technology in addressing complex business challenges.


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