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Omnitech was founded in 2004 in Ponte di Piave, Italy. The company has almost 20 years of experience in molding polymeric materials and items composed of a combination of natural minerals and the highest quality resins. These materials are all extremely compact, stable, hygienic, and durable, while also being easily restored and easy to clean. The company prides itself in being the first in Europe to produce solid-surface acrylic resin using the innovative technique of room temperature molding.

Omnitech operates alongside its customers and partners. The company devises new products that are in line with the trending market. Since its conception, it has grown tremendously in terms of operations and organizational structure. The establishment’s continuous investments in research, human resources, and technological upgrades have made it a force to be reckoned with in the manufacturing industry.

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Business Pain-Points

Omnitech’s existing virtual infrastructure failed in delivering on the requirements set out by the company. The systems were slow and the company’s productivity suffered due to inadequate performance.

Additionally, the company’s data was left unprotected due to faulty infrastructure – risking the security of the entire network. A change to a new and improved IT setup was needed. That is how Omnitech came across Sangfor Technologies.

Sangfor’s Solution for Omnitech

The company chose to partner with Sangfor to ensure a singular hardware resolution that would indefinitely improve its IT infrastructure. Sangfor aServer nodes were installed with the existing HP server to remove the expense of investing in new hardware while making the most of the reliable and dynamic distribution of virtual resources that are provided by a Sangfor license.

Additionally, the Sangfor Hyper-Converged Infrastructure was used and developed to natively communicate with VMware systems to create active backup and disaster recovery solutions. This made it possible to migrate virtual objects from VMware to the Sangfor Hyper-Converged Infrastructure rapidly with no additional costs.

End-User Experience

The Omnitech establishment enjoyed a faster and more advanced virtual infrastructure. It ensured security and reliability were of paramount importance – thereby creating a smoother and more efficient network for the business.


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