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In the 1920s, Francesco Franchi began the task of producing a wide range of traditional cured meats with an unwavering commitment to handing down recipes of quality Italian charcuterie. This led to the establishment of Salumificio Franchi in the year 1924 in Valsesia, Piedmont. The craftsmanship, tradition, and research combined with carefully selective methods of meat curing and recipes that were guarded by the Franchi family through generations make Salumi Franchi something genuinely unique.

Salumi Franchi knows how to plan and can adapt to changes without losing sight of the teachings and expertise of traditional customs. This coexistence between the old and the new, between tradition and innovation has enabled the company to reach the excellence that it is known for.

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Being such a forward-thinking institution, it makes sense that Salumi Franchi would want innovative IT solutions for its operations as well.

Business Pain-Points

Salumi Franchi requested a complete renovation of their old VMware infrastructure within a short time. The company sought to maintain its existing architecture and migrate some servers to the new infrastructure - with a few additional servers for more efficiency.

The establishment required that the migration have a reliable backup plan that included the virtual machines in the existing VMware environment.

Additionally, Salumi Franchi looked to replace 20 old PCs with newer, more effective ones. This move would provide privacy and security to the workstations of production line employees of different shifts which would protect employee data and ensure an efficient and accessible network - even during smart working days.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor proposed the use of the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) to provide a cluster of directly connected server nodes which offered higher reliability, improved business continuity, and maximum scalability to ensure future expansions without the risks of migrations or downtime.

Additionally, the integrated backup tool makes backups of the existing VMware environment possible without needing to purchase third-party licenses or extra VMs to manage them.

Furthermore, Sangfor’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with aDesk thin clients replaced the older PCs - enabling improved performance, while providing privacy and security on production lines. The virtual desk system ensures easy deployment, management, and assignment of virtual machines while access uses a web interface that is accessible from within the network and through the internet.

Finally, the replacement of the older PCs with VDI infrastructure saved the company’s expenditure, not only for hardware in the immediate future but also for future manpower needed since the time for deploying new workstations is now minimized and centralized.

Salumi Franchi continues to provide excellent Italian meats with precise and perfected methods while Sangfor Technologies ensures its operations are running efficiently and effectively.


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