Sangfor NGAF for the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM)


Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia (JKDM), or The Royal Malaysian Customs Department, is a government agency that is responsible for administrating Malaysia’s indirect tax policy border enforcement, and narcotics offenses. 

For the longest time, the agency had made use of a basic firewall as part of its cyber security measures to protect them against potential cyber threats. Due to what the agency does, they require a strong cybersecurity strategy for their data protection, because they deal with a lot of data, much of which is confidential. 

Royal Malaysian Customs Department


The firewall that the agency was using did not provide sufficient protection against cyber threats. It did not provide effective detection, which meant that it could not successfully prevent threats and provide real-timedata on what was happening in the networks. The underperforming firewall meant that when attacks occurred, they often went undetected for a while, increasing the vulnerability and risk associated with the attacks.


Implementing Sangfor NGAF

The government agency implemented Sangfor’s NGAF - Next Generation Application Firewall.

Sangfor NGAF is specially designed to provide a full view of an organization’s network. It allows for efficient filtering and inspection with ease of operation and maintenance. By using Sangfor’s NGAF, the agency was able to take advantage of security with several features. Some of the features include reporting, visibility, and the active ability of the platform to scan the network for threats and weak spots. This has improved the agency’s network security, preventing all kinds of attacks such as advanced persistent threats, which governmental organizations are often susceptible to.

Sangfor worked closely with The Royal Malaysian Customs Department to analyze their network in order to tailor the right solution for them. The department has further access to Sangfor’s local support center to quickly respond to any issues or queries.

Due to the effectiveness of Sangfor’s solutions, the agency is considering implementing Sangfor Cyber Guardian Services to further enhance its security.

Sangfor Next-Generation Firewall is capable of eliminating 99% of the malware it detects, including malicious files, known and unknown threats, and even zero-day attacks. The firewall has automated and real-time threat detection features, which allow it to remove threats before they cause damage, and patch up areas that might have potentially led to threat access.

The firewall has been integrated with Sangfor Endpoint Secure, which provides simpler firewall management through the use of a firewall GUI (Graphical user interface) dashboard. This makes it easier for employees to navigate even without a specialized IT security team. This further decreases the potential of human-error-led infections or breaches of an organization's systems.

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