The "Golden Insurance Project", as one of the 12 golden e-government projects approved by the State Council of China, is the national labor security information system. It is designed to achieve data allocation and information sharing at the central, provincial, and municipal levels by establishing involved network platforms.


Take the social security smartcards as an example. The smartcards, issued by the ministry of human resources and social security at all levels to the public, integrate the functions of medical insurance, pension insurance, and public accumulation fund, enabling the insured to access social security services efficiently. In the social security smartcard system, social security staffs at the city and county levels can handle services and inquires online, and the insured can log in to the system to obtain required data.


As a public service platform, the social security smartcard system is visited by tens of millions of insured users.In addition to ensuring stable and fast access, improving the users' browsing experience can maximize the project's value.Therefore, the overall system planning needs to reach the following targets:


1. Good visit experience. That is, even in the case of 3G network, the system can be visited quickly.
2. Efficient user access, and the same smooth access for different carriers.
3. Fast and stable system responses. It means to ensure that healthiest server will respond to access requests at all times.

In simple terms, the server needs to assign requests properly, and support intelligent route selection at the user end, thus raising the overall system delivery quality to a new level.In this typical AD scenario, the deployment of SANGFOR's AD equipment will not only enhance system stability, but also improve users' experience.


SANGFOR's AD has a high-value system (integration of sever/link/global load balancing), differentiated technological advantages (unilateral acceleration and intelligent overall detection), and optimized localization services (original factory services available for 45 provinces and cities in China). As a result, it has won the trust of high-end customers, including the governments, financial institutions, and carriers, etc., and been widely deployed in the "Golden Insurance Project" systems in provinces and cities like Beijing, Guangxi, and Gansu, etc.


As the only domestic product that can compete with the AD products of foreign brands, SANGFOR's AD has won the recognition of international authoritative institutions. Specifically, it is the only product in the Asia Pacific region that has been listed in the Gartner ADC Magic Quadrant for 3 consecutive years. Moreover, it has passed the purchasing test of the users from various industries including China Construction Bank, China Telecom, and State Grid Corporation of Chinas with outstanding performance.


Different from the situation when foreign brands took the lead in the AD market several years ago, more and more users cast their eyes to Chinese brands. As China's leading AD brand, SANGFOR's AD has manifested stable performance in the core networks of the governments, financial institutions, and carriers, etc, earning widely recognition from customers.



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