Executive Summary

  • Private Cloud Provider
  • Location: Italy

Customer Background

Soxely has been operating in the IT industry for over twenty years, specializing in security, databases, infrastructure and development. Soxely is the brand of Sophianet and Lyear. Soxely implements its own local infrastructure within a datacenter to delivers private & hybrid cloud services, oriented enterprise and large business customers. The infrastructure consists of several heterogeneous technologies, including private cloud, virtual machines, services, containers, DBAAS with Oracle, SQL servers, MySQL and Kubernetes PAAS. Oriented to meet the needs of Enterprise, Soxely guarantees reliability, support and consultancy, on-site and on-demand with different types of contracts.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor Cloud Platform is the core part of Sangfor HCI Solution for Soxely due aCloud offers exceptional reliability, devices integration, easy to use management, performance and a really simple and lightweight interface, combined in a scalable All-in-one solution, backup, disaster recovery


A completely software defined data center provides virtualization, networking, storage, and a centralized management interface. Soxely found they needed to replace their existing infrastructure, using Hyper-V, System Center and Azure Pack. They found their system difficult to operate, manage and control, due to the range of servers used for different functions.

Soxely chose to deploy Sangfor HCI, which provides simplicity by using an all-in-one infrastructure, and using a single interface to manage the entire infrastructure and clusters. HCI is easy to manage and control, scale, and is highly resilient, with the ability to integrate all typical functions of SDDC computing including storage, network, backup, high performance. Furthermore, Sangfor SCP Platform enables the ability to operate Hybrid Cloud with Amazon AWS.

SangFor HCI and SCP provide a highly flexible infrastructure, network, storage, compute and administrator services, resulting in an excellent user experience, mostly confirmed by customer feedback.

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