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Pak Qatar Takaful

Customer Overview

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited (PQFTL), the first and largest dedicated Family Takaful Company in the Islamic Finance industry. The company is rated “A+” (having stable outlook) by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co. Limited and the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA). The Company’ s paid-up capital is in excess of Pak- Rs. 1.3 billion, which is highest in the industry.

Customer Requirements
  • New server and storage for new Oracle applications and DB. Virtualization required for Server
  • Guarantee mission critical VM resiliency through HA. For Oracle DB, more then 5k IOPS for per VM is required
  • Second-level data replication and backup for DB
  • Load balancing for mission critical VMs to guarantee business continuity
Sangfor HCI Solution for Insurance Customer

Sangfor HCI provides a one windows solution, including hypervisor, virtual storage, virtual network and function devices, DR/ Backup and multi-cluster management. 3 nodes were deployed in Pak Qatar Takaful. CDP was included for DB and application backup every 5 seconds.

Customer Benefits after deploying Sangfor Solution
  • The Sangfor solution is integrated with virtual storage/virtual network and virtual load balancer, providing a one window solution with easier management and no need for SAN and FC switch.
  • Sangfor virtual load balancer offers multiple load balancing algorithms for VMs, designed to ease VM loading and guarantee continuity.
  • Sangfor HCI with HA, hot migration, DRS, hot spare disk and CDP features, can guarantee business continuity without data loss, with up to a 1s data IO replication period.