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Tiga Daya Digital Indonesia


Customer Background

PT. Tiga Daya Digital Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Triputra Investindo Arya, focusing on Information Technology. Its job is to deliver the highest level of IT support services to other subsidiaries within the group. It’s a team of highly-skilled professionals who care about the level of information technology integration in modern business.

Customer Challenges

  1. Develop/build standard data center to support all subsidiary companies within Triputra Group
  2. Improve SLA and user satisfaction in each subsidiary company
  3. Easy to manage and maintain, flexible to move between DC and DRC and vice versa
  4. Start from small size, easy and flexible to expand
  5. Monitoring hardware usage (core, memory and storage) for each subsidiary company. Easy to extend capacity
  6. The core business system should offer zero-downtime for electronic business platform, meaning the system should run in HA mode
  7. The platform should include security capabilities, like IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-malware, WAF, Data
  8. Leak Protection, Web Scanner, Vulnerability Scanner, Advanced Security Reporter to avoid VMs being attacked
  9. The Cloud platform can support SAP well
  10. Built-in distributed firewall to achieve VMs isolation
  11. Provide billing system based on hardware usage

Values of Sangfor aCloud

  1. Instead of using traditional IT infrastructure, Sangfor HCI puts resources into commodity servers. One cluster can provide compute & storage resources, and management is unified into one single web platform, with NFV features that can be enabled any time without adding new hardware
  2. By using 3 nodes of Sangfor HCI appliance aServer2305, no external storage is needed because of the Sangfor aSAN technology, which provides good performance and protection of data by having two copies of policy
  3. Sangfor aCMP supports user self-service resource application, billing and metering for branch companies and sub-organizations and charge by resources consumed by each tenant
  4. “What You Draw Is What You Get” topology makes O&M easier

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