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University of Selangor

Customer Overview
The University of Selangor (UNISEL) is a university wholly owned and managed by the Selangor state government independently without funding from the Malaysian federal government (and is thus regarded as a "private" university as opposed to a "public" university. It operates from two campuses in Selangor, Malaysia.

UNISEL was established on 23 August 1999 as the first state funded semi- government university in Malaysia with the aim of providing tertiary education and opportunities for research and development within the broad sphere of industrial technology, management as well as information and communications technology.
Source : Wikipedia

UNISEL establishment is in line with the State Government's intention to make Selangor the leading regional education hub. As such and with the aim to become one of the leading modern university in Malaysia, UNISEL is investing a lot in its Internet infrastructure to promote online learning and knowledge sharing.

Currently, the online learning program has been well implemented in both the main campus and branch campus, which are connected via VPN. With the use of online learning resources, the Internet traffic has rapidly surged. To guarantee the stability and learning experience, UNISEL deployed SANGFOR IAM device to granularly manage the Internet traffic.

The new challenge of UNISEL was that the current firewall in both main campus and branch campus showed performance issue. In addition, it was quite frequent that the internet entrance bandwidth was fully used in the main campus or branch campus, while free in the other. UNISEL was looking for a solution to solve these issues.

Sangfor Solution
After  thorough evaluation and POC test, UNISEL chose to deploy SANGFOR NGFW in each site to replace the previous firewalls. The SANGFOR NGFW proved to be helpful in the following aspects:

● Excellent performance to handle UNISEL’s environment of high Internet bandwidth and massive internal users.
● Built-in auto link load balancer to balance traffic of current Internet link and VPN link per policy. When traffic is congested at one site, Sangfor NGFW will route a portion of the traffic to the other site through VPN for load balancing.
● SANGFOR NGFW has also provided valued IPS+WAF protection to the DMZ zone, which was not available in the previous firewalls. This solid protection ensures public-facing applications are free of risks caused by cyber threats.

UNISEL is quite delighted to find out that with plenty of functions enabled at the same time, the SANGFOR NGFW still proved to be stable enough to provide full protection. With the deployment of SANGFOR IAM and SANGFOR NGFW, UNISEL is now able to provide the faculty with a swifter, more stable and safer online-learning experience, contributing on building UNISEL as a modern university with high quality teaching services.

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