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Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin


Customer Overview

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin is the 18th public institution of higher learning, located in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is the first full-fledged university in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and the first university to be based on the “cluster” concept.

The university has four campuses namely Gong Badak Campus, Medical Campus, Tembila Campus and the latest is UniSZA International Campus (UIC) in Kuala Lumpur City.

The university has 10 faculties located in different campuses which offer programs in diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level as well as doctor of philosophy.


UNISZA was looking for a more advanced security solution to protect their network. They figured out that the current solution they are using, which is the traditional firewall known as Unified Threat Management (UTM), was not able to provide full protection of their network against advanced attacks such as SQL Injection, XSS, DOS and etc.

Below are the main challenges faced by their IT management team:
1. UNISZA is hosting a lot of web servers and web services such as student portal, e-learning system, staff portal and etc. The existing solution was not able to provide a comprehensive solution to protect their web servers from advanced security threats.
2. They found out that a lot of PCs in the computer lab and staff PCs were infected with malware and virus.
3. They didn’t have any reporting tools that can display the security status of the network and were not able to know which server was targeted and attacked.
4. The network was often congested, even with a high-speed bandwidth line.
5. The network didn’t have any backup protection in case of power failure or hardware failure of the firewall appliance.

Sangfor Solution

1) SANGFOR NGAF acts as a gateway to provide routing and NAT functions. With HA enabled, UNISZA has now a backup plan to protect the network, even if one of the firewall encounter hardware failure or power failure.
2) SANGFOR NGAF is able to provide Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect their web servers and web services from being attacked.
3) SANGFOR NGAF provides IPS and APT security features to protect endpoints such as PCs in computer lab and staff PCs.
4) With the integrated Bandwidth Management, UNISZA is now able to fully utilize their bandwidth and avoid network congestion.
5) SANGFOR NGAF is also integrated with advance reporting tools, which can provide the IT management team with better understanding of their network security status.

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