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Xiamen University Malaysia Campus


Customer Overview:

Founded in 1921, Xiamen University has produced more than 300,000 undergraduates and graduates. With 28 existing schools containing 76 departments and 14 research institutes, Xiamen University launched its first international campus in Malaysia in 2015.


Xiamen University Malaysia Campus had 1Gbps network bandwidth with no dedicated bandwidth management and application control devices for more than 6000 students, staff and lecturers. Students had access to P2P downloading and free-flow media streaming, causing frequent connectivity issues between the Malaysia Campus and the China Mainland Campus.

SANGFOR Solution:

IAM 6000 was implemented at Xiamen University Malaysia Campus in transparent bridge mode, which did not affect their existing network. IAM provided a smart control policy and a set bandwidth control policy for P2P downloads and streaming media, which are the highest bandwidth consuming applications. Moreover, IAM provided a guaranteed-bandwidth channel for VPN access between the Malaysia Campus and China Campus. This channel is independent of other applications and helps improve inter-campus communication. The report centre allows University IT administrators to easily understand bandwidth consumption status and root out the cause of any issues.

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