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12306 Chinese Railway Customer Service Center


Customer Overview

This case is about 12306 Shanghai Railway Bureau, which is one of the eighteen railway bureaus managed by the Ministry of Railways.

It is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River on the southeast coastal area. Its jurisdiction areas and routes are mainly distributed in Anhui, Jiangsu,  hejiang, and Shanghai. The whole area is well developed in agricultural and industrial  production and densely populated. Because of its flourishing foreign and domestic trade and rich tourism resources, Shanghai Railway Bureau becomes the busiest bureau.


The call center, as the core department serving customers in Shanghai Railway Bureau, faced considerable management problems which severely influenced its business processing and service efficiency. The root cause of the problem is the quick expansion of the business and the surging number of personal computers.

High Failure Rate. With the increasing scale of terminals, the decentralized deployment and management model of traditional PCs, and the configuration of each PC (including memory, hard disks, fans, etc.) led to a high failure rate of the entire desktop system.

Decentralized Management Causes Huge Operation and Maintenance Workload. The use of traditional PC caused the tedious terminal management work which resulted in huge pressure to IT staff, bad quality of IT service, and low degree of satisfaction.

Lower Safety Factor. Due to the less security strategies available and local storage, it is hard for traditional PCs to perform unified management and monitor different data leakage methods, for example, with USB flash disk or through external network communication.

No Preference Settings. Rotation system in Call Center requires multiple people to share a single PC. Traditional PC cannot achieve personalization of each person’s desktop and data security issues.

Construction Practice. Considering the highly centralized and standardized features of call center, Shanghai Railway Bureau urgently needed to create a simple, safe, flexible, and energy-efficient call center. Eventually they adopted Sangfor desktop cloud to gradually replace existing traditional PCs. In Sangfor solution, they built a call center desktop resource pool with five servers and equipped 190 desktop cloud terminals for customer service teams. The Desktop System Transformation including CTI business system, CRM business system, USB printers, pin printers, scanners, document camera, cameras, headsets, and so on.


Operation Values

The new Sangfor Desktop Cloud system provided a standardized usage environment for the Shanghai Railway Bureau Call Center, which not only solved the problems encountered in previous traditional PC scenarios, but also offered a more efficient and customer-friendly using experience.

Low Failure Rate
Traditional PC Failure may consist of faults of CPU, memory, motherboard, etc. Therefore, it is easy to fail, hard to investigate, and needs a more extended downtime. Using the embedded desktop cloud terminal has more obvious advantages in lifespan and MTBF than traditional PC.

One-Click Recovery
When a fault occurs, the desktop cloud only needs to restore the configuration to the original state. One-click restore settings can be implemented to ensure the unified office environment.

Centralized Operation and Maintenance
With the deployment of Sangfor Desktop Cloud, IT administrators can perform unified patch upgrades, environment settings, and fault recovery on the desktop images stored on the server. Besides, they can deliver all operation to all desktop cloud terminal users in one click, which can reduce 80% workload.

Data is Secure and Manageable
From security of access, network, data, management and many other dimensions, a set of anti leakage safe office space has been set up for the call center of Shanghai Railway Bureau by Sangfor VDI. The new desktop cloud office system centrally stores the data, no data is stored in terminals. Through multiple copies, backup and restore technologies, it ensures zero data loss. At the same time, unified control of peripherals access can avoid virus introduction and important data leakage.

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