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Customer Background

Abenson is one of the biggest nationwide chain of retail stores (over 120+ stores) in the Philippines. It is located in the Philippines with their stores, data centers, warehouses and branches which need to access Head Office located at Quezon City, Metro Manila. To meet the increasing demandsand make shopping more convenient for its customers, Abenson launched its "Abenson Online Super Store"where you can shop online. Online store makes Abenson more reachable to customers as they can buy, pay online, and track their orders.


Sangfor Comprehensive Secured Connectivity

Executive Summary

  • Customer: Abenson
  • Industry: Retail
  • Location: Philippines



• Lack of protection against advance & evolving attacks
• Lack of dynamic security awareness
• Lack of secured & stable link connectivity
• Hard to manage internet access

Sangfor Solutions

• Sangfor NGAF, BBC, Butler

Business Pain-Points

  • Lack of protection against advance and evolving attacks.
    Due to weak protection of existing UTM, Abenson
    experienced ransomware, malwares, advance and
    sophisticated attack which compromised operation of the
    affected departments.  
  • Lack of dynamic security awareness. On top of the
    bothersome advance and sophisticated attacks, their
    UTM focuses on passive-blocking features such as IPS,
    content security, anti-virus, etc. Abenson’s IT team had
    difficulty in identifying potential risk & danger on their
    network and business assets. 
  • Lack of secured and stable link connectivity. Operations
    of Abenson are centralized yet have unsecured
    connectivity between each site, increasing risk of leaking
    critical information in-between sites. Therefore they had
    security concerns.
  • Hard to manage internet access. End user access control
    (i.e. proxy, video streaming and downloading) for
    applications and websites could not be blocked easily.


Sangfor Solution

  • Sangfor Next Generation Firewall

1. Converged Security Gateway Security + IPS + WAF + Engine-Zero (Advance and Unknown threat detection) + Threat Intelligence
2. Risk and attack visibility
3. Real time detection + rapid threat response

  • Sangfor BBC enabled easy management and monitoring of Sangfor devices, and fast rollout of policy configuration
  • Sangfor Butler, which enabled centralized monitoring of threats, on-demand analytics of security status from branches, network and business applications, and fast response to


End-User Experience

Able to identify security loop holes and visibility of the existing threat with the premise hardening the network and business application protection

A cost-effective secured VPN failover between data centers, locations and warehouses using commoditize internet, increasing business continuity. Moreover, SSL VPN for their small
branches has saved infrastructure investment

Fast response to security incidents, centralized management allows IT team to focus on other important matters, i.e. IT innovations


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