Customer Background
Carsem is a leading provider of turnkey packaging and test services to the semiconductor industry, offering one of the largest packages and test portfolios in the world. Founded in 1972, Carsem is among the most experienced companies in the industry and is recognized as one of the largest in unit volume production.
  • Insufficient bandwidth resources for critical applications
  • Problems with VPN tools
  • Unable to perform authentication for AD server users
  • Visibility shortfall
Business Pain Points
  1. Carsem had serious latency issues, inconsistency, and speed issues  in their network environment, especially when using video conferencing or with other critical applications related to production. This has led to poor KPI results for the IT department.
  2. Users could easily bypass the premise firewall to reach illegal websites, and were discovered using proxy tools like Ultrasurf for Torrent downloads, an action against Carsem compliance and internet standards.
  3. Carsem had difficulty authenticating their domain users from their AD server, and also wanted to achieve multi-level user control for their network users.
  4. Carsem struggled to discover the root causes of slow network performance or inconsistency. Their IT team often received complaints and had to review massive logs to discover issues and abnormalities that were sometimes untraceable.
Sangfor Solution - Sangfor Internet Access Management Solution (IAM)
  1. Sangfor IAM limits bandwidth for non-critical web sites, applications or services and gives top priority to critical applications or services, ensuring that bandwidth resources are allocated to the right applications.
  2. The Sangfor R&D department deployed an Anti-Proxy Module to identify and block proxies. Alerts pop up to warn proxy users, and if any proxy tools are detected, access can be denied.  IAM can also identify and block torrent or multi-thread downloading tools.
  3. Sangfor IAM integrates with Carsem's existing AD server to perform authentication, and IAM policies provide more granular and flexible control, achieving multi-level control requirements.
  4. Sangfor IAM real time dashboard allows administrators to view real time traffic flow, application usage, users and services. These functions allow IT administrators to detect any Internet slowness. Sangfor IAM can identify the highest ranking applications or users consuming a majority of bandwidth resources in real time, making it possible to allocate appropriate policies to solve internet slowness issues. Everything happening in the user network environment is now logged and audited for tracking purposes.

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