Customer Background
ShunSin Technology Holdings Limited is a professional high-tech company engaged in the semiconductor industry, established in 2008. As a dedicated high-tech enterprise, ShunSin recently established a new production site in Hanoi, Vietnam and continues to provide electronic communication products and semiconductor packaging/testing services for customers all over the world.

As a new and important production factory, ShunSin’s Vietnam branch has high IT construction requirements, especially in network security and their data center. Based on these requirements, Sangfor built a comprehensive security architecture and a flexible private cloud platform.

Sangfor Solution
Sangfor Product: Sangfor presented 2 NGAF, 1 IAM, 5 aServers, 4 VDS-P-7550, and 150 VDI-STD-100s.

· Security:
Security is a major part of all Sangfor solutions. On one hand, Sangfor NGAF provides real-time detection and quick response to new types of malware. On the other hand, the special design of the distributed firewall in the HCI cluster prohibits the propagation of ransomware among virtual machines, stopping the ransomware kill chain. Sangfor IAM audits internet access behavior and IM chat, minimizing the risk of data leakage.

· Simplified O&M:
All resources in the customer’s data center can be centrally managed. Only 1 IT engineer manages the entire HCI cluster and 150 VDI endpoints, helping ShunSin save investment on manpower.

· Cost Saving:
Construction of IT infrastructure is a major expense. Sangfor private cloud solutions (VDI and HCI) require less hardware than traditional IT infrastructure, eliminating repeated investment in upgrades. In addition, the decrease in energy consumption can not be ignored.

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