Customer Introduction

Consistently ranked in the top 100 Universities worldwide, the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) offers a range of study opportunities for students from foundation level courses through to doctoral degrees. A broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs are available from different specialist schools and departments across the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering, and Science. UNM host a community of around 5000 students from over 85 different countries worldwide who work with and receive a world-class higher education experience from leading academics in their field. The campus provides excellent teaching, learning, and research facilities including a well-equipped library, dedicated study areas, and computer, language, and science & engineering laboratories.


Project Background

Following the opening of the Semenyih campus in the year 2005, most of the teaching departments were moved from Kuala Lumpur to the Semenyih campus. Over the years, the university has been ranked as "excellent" or tier 5 on a scale of tier 1-6 in the private institution category by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Along with the growth and expansion of the new campus, providing an excellent internet access user experience always a priority concern for IT Management Team.


Pain Point

Poor bandwidth management capability
Rely on the basic QoS solution in Gateway Firewall which could not fully handle the network traffic usage, especially during peak hour with bandwidth bottleneck problems.

Student and Lecturer Hostel internet access performance concern
Bottleneck happens during night-time, and users always complain about the internet connections. The IT team wants to solve the problem and also decrease the workload caused by user complaints.

Bandwidth Usage & Applications Reporting over the LAN and Wi-Fi network
The IT team doesn't know their bandwidth usage and where the bandwidth is being used, and there is no unified platform to manage both the wired and wireless network and reporting over the network status.

Application and URL filtering
IT wants to control the user behaviors and monitor the traffic in one single box.


Business Values

Simplified the management of LAN and wireless network
Sangfor IAM helped the IT administrator simplified the management over the LAN and wireless network. The policy is set up based on the user, wherever the user is using LAN or Wi-Fi network, the policy will be roaming with the user.

Improved user internet access experience
The smart and flexible bandwidth control policy makes the network more stable. The built-in application database identifies the traffic more accurately and guarantees the Student and Lecturer Hostel internet access, and reduce the effort spent for troubleshooting and monitoring.

Comprehensive Reports
IAM Advanced Report Center records audits and logs all network behavior of intranet users in easy-to-read graphical reports. Real-time analysis dashboard in IAM improves the response of IT administrators. They can quickly apply different control policies based on the current top usage of application and user. It has reduced the previous difficulties which administrators have to transform raw data into a graphical report manually.

Target Scenario

Private Universities
• Universities provide the hostel to the students.
• There are bandwidth issues faced by the IT department and need reporting and granular control features to simplify the network management.

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