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Zotye Automobile (Zotye) has long been a distinctive vendor among Chinese automobile brands. With the overall decreasing growth rate of the overly saturated Chinese automobile market, Zotye remains able to stand out from the rest and maintain a high yearly growth rate. In 2016, Zotye automobile sales exceeded 300,000RMB with a year-on-year growth of more than 50%, making it one of the fastest-growing Chinese automobile brands. Zotye has long invested in IT to maintain advantages positions among fierce competition in the automobile market, with their average cost of IT construction reaching 10M RMB and with standardized data centers at each production base.

Security Construction Pain Points
As Zotye grew they made the decision to strengthen the company’s network security construction, facing the following challenges:

Poor Information Security Hinders High-Speed Business Development
Continued development of hacker technology and the industrialization of internet attacks causes more and more interest-driven security incidents yearly. Hacked organizations suffer heavy losses and are vulnerable to outbreaks of ransomware, sophisticated enough to present a risk to even government and large enterprise, an eventuality Zotye wanted to avoid.

Zotye’s security capability was far behind the sophistication of rest of the company, making information security a weak point for Zotye as a whole.  

Complex Business with Insufficient Security Protection

Zotye’s Yongkang and Hangzhou locations were protected by legacy firewall equipment with an out of date feature library. Due to rapid business development in the past few years, management and security of the network in these locations had become difficult. O&M were struggling to manage complex business systems and security status.

Lack of Uniform Standards & Hard to Manage Branches

As different Zotye locations are operated independently by local owners, there was no unified standard of communication, making connections between the locations difficult to manage and difficult to secure.

The Sangfor Solution
Integrated Security System Overcomes Informatization Shortfall

To make up for shortfalls in information security, and promote the development of information technology, Zotye chose Sangfor’s professional technical team to build an intelligent and global security system that integrates defense, detection, early warning and response. By integrating NGAF, latent threat probes and Cyber Command, Sangfor solved Zotye’s security issues.

Next-Generation Firewall Achieves Comprehensive and Effective Protection

Sangfor’s NGAF solution was deployed, achieving traditional security boundary isolation and  comprehensive detection and protection from L2-L7. NGAF is able to track rapid changes to business assets or discover new assets by analyzing the relationship between users and business functions.

Cyber Command Platform Controls Internet Security

Sangfor’s latent threat probes track internet traffic images, which are then collected and transferred to the Cyber Command Platform in HQ, where it generates a visual risk analysis report with one click. These reports allow comprehensive management of Zoyte’s overall security status.

Sangfor Network Security is focused on providing practical security solutions to help organizations detect and prevent security threats more effectively, reduce risk during IT business innovation, and provide comprehensive protection for your internet, data and organization.

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