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HanShin University

Customer Overview
Hanshin University was established in 1940 as the first theological university in South Korea, and since 1980 has become a comprehensive University, embracing scholarship, godliness, truth, freedom, love, and practicality and dedicated to sharing and serving.

Hanshin University operates a baccalaureate administration system and other university systems to manage students. However, the problem of the efficiency of management due to a lack of IT personnel was arising constantly. With a 10-year plan to proceed with a next-generation Advanced Administration project aimed at efficient resource use, their biggest goal was to virtualize existing servers and storage, maximizing management efficiency.


SANGFOR HCI solution was combined with Dell servers* 3 to virtualize servers and storage [P to V]
  • Stable and easy to use with SANGFOR SDDC Converter Migration and efficient network construction of many servers through aNET
  • Real-time data protection with CDP for 5 critical servers
  • In case of resource shortage, the infinite extension is possible with the addition of linear nodes
  • Integrated management of all servers, data, and network operations through Web UI