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Bank of Communications Vietnam

Customer Background

Founded in 1908, Bank of Communications (BOCOM) is a time-honored financial brand in China and Worldwide. In the long history of BOCOM, the bank always focuses on international expansion. As early as 1909, the next year after the bank’s establishment, they set up Saigon (later the “Ho Chi Minh” city) Representative Office in Vietnam. Date to 1939, BOCOM have a branch in Saigon, a sub-branch in Hai Phong, and a liaison office in Lang Son respectively. At present, BOCOM has 7 overseas branches in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Frankfurt and Macau and 3 representative offices in London, Sydney and Taipei. These branches provide services in various areas including banking, securities, insurance, all together contributing over USD35 billion (approximately VND731 trillion) to our total assets. Ho Chi Minh City branch is the 8th overseas branch of BOCOM.

With great effort and strong support from Vietnamese government and central bank, BOCOM officially obtained the approval from State Bank of Vietnam on 26th Oct 2010 for setting up a Branch in Ho Chi Minh City. The establishment of the Ho Chi Minh City branch is a major step forward in shaping Bank of Communications’ global network which is Asia-Pacific focused with coverage extending to Europe and North America. The bank’s return to Vietnam is also a substantial move to serve the economy of China and Vietnam more closely, conveniently and comprehensively, which, undoubtedly will make remarkable contributions to the economic and trade ties between two economies.

Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch celebrated its grand opening on 28th February 2011. BOCOM are mainly engaged in conducting wholesale business and providing financial services for enterprises and public institutions and support personal banking services. Their business covers: bank deposits, money remittances, loans, trade and non-trade settlements, bank guarantees, financial management and securities investment.

Banking industry have been concerning much on security, not to mention the financial conglomerate like BOCOM. BOCOM have been challenged by a few difficulties to ensure that their information security within the LAN could be effectively secured by their current infrastructure. Below are a few listed challenges that were previously met by BOCOM before implementing Sangfor solution.

  1. Data Leakage – Information has been an asset of nowadays’ organization, traditional PC and limitless Internet access have possessed a potential risk to data leak, such as USB storage copy, and corporate mail content copy to personal webmail.
  2. Data Loss – Traditional PC would age and would eventually became faulty, hence, data loss of those information stored inside of the storage of those traditional PC would be one of the risk too.
  3. Backup Management – A proper backup schedule and implementation plan would require a lot of resources and time to perform. However, the IT team of BOCOM in Ho Chi Minh have limited resources and time to do so.

Sangfor Solution

Sangfor have designed a secure work environment for BOCOM’s employee with the aDesk (VDI) and Internet Access Management (IAM) solution, topology as below.

Figure 1: BOCOM newly built work environment.

The concept of the whole solution is to solve those information security issue as mentioned. It would help BOCOM to effectively secure their data while at the same time providing ease of managing all the traditional PC within the environment. Sangfor IAM is deployed to control and monitor the Internet access behavior of each internal employee, while Sangfor aDesk would provide a platform to easily manage all virtual PCs and secure data to a centralized server.

Sangfor IAM

Figure 2: Sangfor IAM.

Sangfor IAM has been deployed to manage the Internet access behavior of internal user. The audit features, reporting module and dynamic bandwidth management could help BOCOM in gaining full visibility and control towards their internal environment. It helps in solving the data leakage via webmail issue.

Sangfor VDI

Each employee would be distributing with a thin client which replaced the traditional desktop PC.

Figure 3: Sangfor VDI Thin Client.

Figure 4: Centralized Virtual Desktop Server.

These thin clients would then connect to the centralized virtual desktop servers, each employee’s will have their own virtual desktop running inside of the server, only images would be send to the thin client and present to the user. By doing so, manageability and security could be enhanced, as there would be only one server to maintain and secure.

On the other hand, the management console of aDesk solution limit the USB port of these thin clients to only have mouse and keyboard input feature, which solve the data leakage issue via USB storage.

Virtual desktop can be configured with 2 or 3 copies of redundancy as well, which helps in data loss protection.

Hence, by the implementing the combinations, it gained BOCOM the ability to have full visibility and control even from the PC user aspect. At the same time, could ease the management work of every PC in the environment.

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