Customer Background

Union Nifco Co., Ltd. (UNC) was established in 1988 as a collaboration between Saha Union Group and Nifco Inc. of Japan, specializes in the production of plastic materials for both domestic and international automotive industries, serving renowned brands such as Toyota, Isuzu, Mazda, and Ford. UNC's factory is currently situated in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand.

Union Nifco Co., Ltd.

Union Nifco's Challenges

UNC faced a significant challenge as all its applications operated on eight physical servers, relying on firewall and antivirus measures for security, including secure internet access for employees. Despite initial confidence in the system's ability to fend off cyber threats, a ransomware attack disrupted operations, resulting in one day of downtime and requiring the re-entry of substantial historical data. This incident prompted UNC to search for a comprehensive solution focused on proactive ransomware prevention to ensure data protection and business continuity.

Sangfor Solution for Union Nifco

Sangfor proposed an all-encompassing solution to address each of UNC’s challenges:

  1. Sangfor  Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI): UNC implemented Sangfor HCI in a two-node setup to replace the existing eight physical servers. This not only reduced their data center footprint but also allowed for increased VM usage from eight to twelve. The HCI deployment has since expanded to three nodes, ensuring scalability for future demands. The solution also incorporated a backup system, eliminating the need for third-party software and enhancing data recovery capabilities.
  2. Sangfor Anti-Ransomware Solution: UNC deployed the Network Secure (formerly NGAF) next-generation firewall in conjunction with Endpoint Secure as part of the Sangfor Anti-Ransomware solution. This integrated system correlates network and endpoint data to enhance the detection of ransomware and other high-level attacks. Both components respond to identified threats in a coordinated manner, enhancing UNC's cybersecurity posture and fortifying the network against ransomware threats.
  3. Sangfor Internet Access Gateway (IAG): UNC adopted Sangfor IAG to replace its outdated internet access management system. Critically, Sangfor IAG provides UNC with added features for guest logins through social media channels. This ensures a user-friendly experience while maintaining detailed logs of user internet usage.

Sangfor Solution for Union Nifco

Union Nifco’s Positive Experience with Sangfor

The implementation of Sangfor's solutions yielded many positive results:

  1. Resource Utilization: Post HCI implementation, UNC experienced increased work system efficiency without the need for additional third-party products. The flexibility to add nodes without disrupting existing operations further showcased the solution's efficacy.
  2. User Experience: UNC praised Sangfor's user-friendly interface across all products, simplifying the learning curve and ensuring easy adoption without extensive training.
  3. Security Reports: The clarity of security reports facilitated easy analysis of attacked machines, aiding decision-making processes for remediating vulnerabilities to prevent security breaches.
  4. After-Sale Service: UNC acknowledged Sangfor's prompt and efficient after-sale service, minimizing business impact during problem resolution.

In conclusion, Sangfor's comprehensive solution not only addressed UNC's immediate challenges but also laid a foundation for enhanced scalability, user experience, and cybersecurity. The positive feedback underscores the successful integration of technology to improve Union Nifco's operational resilience.


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