About Vigo Gerolamo

Founded in 1946, Vigo Gerolamo emerged from a time of darkness in Italy to bloom a new era of growth. Intent on rebuilding the beauty of his country, Francesco Vigo started toiling in the fields of Albenga growing vegetables.

This is how the journey toward a business of plant production, marketing, and transportation began. Now, with more than 40 years of experience in the production and marketing of high-quality, aromatic, and flowering plants in pots, the company stands as one of the largest in its area. Having 50 hectares of fields and greenhouses, the company plays a key role in the export of plants to Europe - with a remarkable and wide range of pot plants and herbs.

Vigo Gerolamo has always been synonymous with striving for excellence, and it would be no surprise that a company of its stature would insist on the best infrastructure to continue to provide exquisite produce across Europe.

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Source: https://www.anve.it/en/aziende/vigo-gerolamo/

Business Pain-Points

Vigo Gerolamo struggled with an older, traditional server setup that needed to be renewed, consolidated, and secured. The company kept data in an unreliable external storage center.

The initial concern was that the risk of production halting suddenly would result in the loss of data. The establishment required a sophisticated, integrated, and secure solution that would ensure data safety and a reliable network.

Sangfor’s Solution for Vigo Gerolamo

Sangfor suggested the use of the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure to increase business performance and makes the network more secure. The platform seamlessly integrates processing, storage, networking, and security into a single software stack while having the convenience of a simplified interface to manage all the company’s IT resources.

Additionally, the platform allowed for reliable consolidation and integration - ensuring business continuity and future business development for the steadily climbing enterprise. The sales applications, logistics management, and switchboard now all reside within a simple, agile, and reliable structure.

Sangfor’s advanced technology and services greatly improved the IT posture of Vigo Gerolamo to ensure a secure, reliable, and integrated system that will help the organization grow from strength to strength.


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