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Royal Progress International Hospital

Customer Overview

Royal Progress International Hospital is a Class B Private Hospital, established in 1990 in Sunter, North Jakarta. The hospital’ s outpatient capacity is about 300 and inpatient capacity about 185. Royal Progress developed their own HIS to support their business requirements, and integrated it to BPJS.

Business Pain-Points

Main Problems
  • Royal Progress wanted to replace their legacy servers, which had been in use for over 5 years, and purchase new servers to run new applications.

Performance Issues

  • Accounting documents took over 2 hours to process with the legacy system.
Core Application Risks
  • Existing servers had no backup server, meaning a down disk or server would cause the entire system to go down, significantly hindering business operations.
Benefits of Sangfor Solution

Main Solutions
  • Sangfor HCI was bundled with ASUS Servers, using 2 servers for HA and to run all their existing and new applications.

Improved Performance
  • Sangfor SSD caching technology accelerates database performance and improves monthly accounting report efficiency, lowering the amount of time to a total of 30 minutes.
Data Protection for Core Applications
  • High Availability is provided by 2 physical servers. If one server is down, all VMs will automatically failover to the second server.
Technical Solutions
  • New application deployment now takes only 30 minutes. With Sangfor HCI automatic backup, Royal Progress eliminated the additional cost for third-party backup and allowed RPO to be set as weekly, daily or hourly.