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Product Overview

Sangfor WANO (WAN Optimization) is a connectivity and optimization 2-in-1 solution, combining multiple WAN links to provide seamless SD-WAN connectivity among data centers, disaster recovery centers, public cloud and multiple offi¬ce locations or branches Enjoy application acceleration, data reduction, and link optimization, among other leading technologies, enhancing both productivity and business continuity with a low WAN investment.

Sangfor WANO smoothly evolves your network from the MPLS age to the SD-WAN age, boosting digital transformation for your business.

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Product Advantages

  • Dynamic Path Selection: Improve
    Business Security and Reliability

    -Secure VPN tunnels over multiple WAN links

    -Link detection based on QoE and selecting the optimal path for critical apps.

    -Automatic fail-over without user perception in the case of link failure

    -Packet-level load balance among VPN tunnels maximize WAN link utilization

    Application Acceleration:
    Boost Work Efficiency
    By optimizing application interaction mechanisms with application layer protocol proxy technology, WANO accelerates dozens of mainstream office applications and data backup & recovery systems.
    -Business application speed improves x3-20 times
    -Data transmission time decrease of up to 90%
    -Video conference packet loss reduced to 0%
  • Data Reduction:
    The Secret to Saving on Bandwidth

    With byte-level cache and compression technology, Sangfor WANO effectively solves network congestion issues, slashes bandwidth consumption and reduces the cost of bandwidth upgrade.

    Flexible Deployment: Highly
    Compatible with Current Network

    -Deploy as gateway in small office, saving on gateway hardware
    -Deploy as bridge in medium office, without any network changes
    -Deploy as arm in large office, with zero down-time

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Success Stories


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Sangfor WANO Introduction

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Sangfor WANO VPN Configuration Guidelines

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