About Confartigianato Imprese Alto Milanese

The Confartigianato Imprese Alto Milanese was founded in 1946 and is the largest European network of representation for the interests and provision of services to crafts and small businesses. The company is based in Upper Milanese, Italy, and promotes the evolution of businesses in which traditional crafts and innovation through technology can coexist.

Confartigianato seeks those who have passion, believe in themselves, and want to challenge their abilities. The establishment stands by entrepreneurs at every stage of their business plan – from development and financing to operation to market positioning. It pushes the individual to the center of the business to implement the strategic thinking, values, creativity, and intellect that define “artisan value.”

Confartigianato Imprese Alto Milanese

Business Pain-Points

The Confartigianato Imprese Alto Milanese made use of older PC desktops that were bordering obsolete and slowing performance for the establishment. The secretary general of the company, Giacomo Rossini, stated that they were already planning to replace the older PCs that were in use as their workstation lease on the desktops was about to expire.

The company expected the transition to include a major investment in terms of hardware costs, but the going concern was the time needed to complete the transformation and the security involved in the process of transferring each workstation.

Sangfor’s Solution

The Confartigianato Imprese Alto Milanese decided to leverage Sangfor’s aDesk Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to assist in the IT infrastructure transition. More than one node cluster was connected and installed with fiber to ensure business continuity in the event of singular node failure.

Additionally, the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure combined high performant thin clients with energy saving – allowing the company to save on expenditure and enjoy quick machine upgrades and timely technical assistance as required.

Maximum security was also guaranteed for smart working users at both IT and administrative security levels with an interchangeable and flexible workstation.

The Sangfor Virtual Desktop Infrastructure works with a Thin Client, physical appliances, through a VDI Agent, or with software installed on any notebook or desktop – allowing users to connect from any location and automatically find their workstation.

Finally, each Sangfor Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is completely isolated which erases the risk of virus transmission or cyber-attacks on the network.

End-User Experience

The Confartigianato Imprese Alto Milanese finds core values in reliability and operational success which made Sangfor the best solution for its IT infrastructure needs. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure employed by the company ensures maximum efficiency, safety, and rapid response in terms of service and support.


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