Customer Background

Integra Document Management (IDM) is the market leader in the Document Management industry, with over €27 million in revenues, 480 employees, 3 operating sites, 2 data centers, and 4 document warehouses in Italy. The company serves over 500 customers and works closely with major stakeholders across various sectors, including insurance, banking, manufacturing, commerce, and the public sector. IDM offers a comprehensive suite of integrated services for the digital management of business documents and information.

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  • Sector: Digital Information Management
  • Location: Headquartered in Milan, Italy

Customer Requirements

IDM was looking for a security solution to maintain the highest level of security for its IT infrastructure. This is essential for guaranteeing maximum protection for customers’ documents and information.

  • A key requirement of the solution is to provide comprehensive visibility into all internal network activities. This is to ensure accurate and timely detection of risks and threats.
  • The solution must integrate with existing third-party security products, including firewall and endpoint security software. This integration should centralize logs and correlate traffic to enhance detection capabilities and enable automated responses.
  • The solution must ensure IDM’s ongoing compliance with ISO certifications and various regulations, such as the EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which will come into effect in January 2025.

Sangfor Solution for Integra Document Management

To achieve the highest security standards and meet all the above requirements, IDM opted for Sangfor Cyber Command. Cyber Command is a cutting-edge Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform that uses advanced AI technology to monitor and detect hidden threats in network traffic. It features a built-in SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) module to align with IDM’s need for automated response.

Why Sangfor?

Cyber Command was chosen for its strong market presence. According to Gartner Market Share data, Cyber Command ranks among the top five NDR products in the world by market share.

Other key factors in their decision were the dedicated support Sangfor provided during all phases of the sales and product evaluation process, as well as the quality and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

IDM’s desire for vendor diversification while hoping to preserve existing investments also swayed their decision toward Sangfor and Cyber Command due to its ability to integrate with existing products.

Positive Outcomes after Deploying Cyber Command

Cyber Command’s integration with IDM’s existing security products enables the correlation of data between them. This provides complete visibility of what is happening on the network, enhancing the detection of sophisticated threats missed by individual products. The SOAR module within Cyber Command also enables orchestrating response actions across the integrated system, significantly minimizing the impact of any detected threats.

By integrating with third-party security products, Cyber Command served as the unified management platform. It centralizes operations and maintenance of the security infrastructure, effectively reducing the effort required to maintain a high level of security.

In addition, the implementation and operation of Cyber Command allows IDM to improve compliance with current ISO certifications and the upcoming DORA regulation.


By adopting Sangfor Cyber Command, Integra Document Management underscored its commitment to ensuring the utmost safety of customer data. This solution not only shields the company from advanced threats but also enhances operational efficiency and ensures compliance with standards and regulations, helping IDM maintain its leadership position and competitive edge in the industry.

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