Customer Background

  • Industry: Government
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Existing customer of Sangfor Cyber Command, which is used for threat detection

Customer Pain Points

The customer faced challenges due to limited in-house cybersecurity manpower and expertise, impacting the effectiveness of their cybersecurity operations.

Malaysian Government Department cyber guardian case study

Sangfor Solution

Recognizing the risks of an insufficient security team, the customer conducted a proof of concept (POC) to evaluate the Sangfor Cyber Guardian MDR service, having been impressed by the capabilities of our Field Application Engineer (FAE) team. Key elements of the POC included:

  • Deployment: We assisted the customer with upgrading Sangfor Cyber Command to the latest version for integration with our Cyber Guardian MDR service. We also assisted them with configuring their (third-party) firewalls allowing Cyber Command to connect to the Cyber Guardian cloud platform via TLS-encrypted channels. The smooth deployment and onboarding process made it easy for the customer to understand and appreciate the service’s ease of management.
  • Asset Discovery: The Cyber Guardian MDR service team first conducted a comprehensive asset discovery exercise to identify all assets within the organization. Our service team unveiled assets in the customer’s server farm that they were previously unaware of.
  • Threat Hunting: Through proactive threat hunting, the MDR service team revealed vulnerabilities within the customer’s environment. This included the identification and remediation of the critical log4j vulnerability, helping the customer avert a severe cyber incident. The team also uncovered several code-related vulnerabilities in the customer’s new mobile app, which was launched during the POC.
  • Notification and Reporting: Throughout the POC, the customer was highly impressed with the response time of our service experts, being informed of detected threats as soon as they were identified. WhatsApp was used as the main form of instant communication with the customer. Regular service reports were also presented to provide greater context and analysis of detected events.

The results of the exhaustive POC proved to the customer both the value of Cyber Guardian and the level of our service expertise. The customer has now entrusted Sangfor Cyber Guardian with the security of their critical assets.

What is Sangfor Cyber Guardian?

Sangfor Cyber Guardian is a comprehensive set of security services for safeguarding an organization’s digital assets and ensuring operational continuity, from security Risk Assessment (Cyber Guardian TIARA) and Incident Response (Cyber Guardian IR) to Managed Detection & Response (Cyber Guardian MDR).

Sangfor Cyber Guardian MDR Service Benefits

  • Security Assurance: Sangfor’s 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring and proactive threat hunting ensures rapid detection and remediation of real threats and risks, such as the unmanaged assets and log4j and mobile app vulnerabilities discovered during the POC. This significantly reduces the risk of cyber incidents and helps the customer avoid disastrous consequences, such as data breaches and ransomware encryption, which result in financial losses, business disruption, and reputation damage.
  • Filling Security Talent Gap: Instead of dealing with the challenge and cost of recruiting and retaining hard-to-find security talent, the customer has direct access to top-tier cybersecurity experts. The Cyber Guardian team delivers invaluable knowledge to the customer’s security staff, equipping them with the skills and expertise needed to conduct security operations in the future.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Regular Reporting: Effective communication channels guarantee timely alerts, allowing the service team to take swift remedial action for the customer as needed. Detailed reports and ongoing communication from Sangfor ensure the customer is always aware of their security status so they can focus on maintaining public trust.

The customer now possesses a robust cybersecurity framework, prepared to tackle evolving cyber threats head-on with Cyber Guardian as the trip of their cyber arsenal.

Sangfor stands ready as The Cyber Guardians of Your Business, shielding you against cyber threats that will endanger your organization's integrity and reputation. Visit the Cyber Guardian MDR webpage to learn more about service benefits, portfolio, and competitive advantages, so you will discover what Sangfor Cyber Guardian can do to protect Your business.


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