Customer Background

PT BNI Asset Management is one of Investment Management at Indonesia build from 1995. BNI Asset Management is one of subsidiaries Division of BNI Sekuritas. From 2011, Majority of Stackholders currently are PT BNI Sekuritas 99.9 % and the left belongs to cooperative Employees of PT BNI Sekuritas.


  1. No Control of Management. PT BNI Asset Management plans to Move whole Organization to New Building and move whole system and computer
  2. No Security Data Protection. IT Team Cannot protect data from USB of media Storage
  3. Concept of Shared-Desk and BYOD. User from office cannot easily and access file from anywhere and any devices.

Why Choose Sangfor

  1. SANGFOR VDI provides fast data recovery solution with periodicity backup
  2. VDI provides perfect compatibility, all items (printer, adapters, VGA to USB swivel) are supported by VDI Smoothly
  3. Improve work efficiency with maintaining PCs,  no need to recovery OS anymore
  4. Data transmission medium control is helpful for preventing data leakage risk. No USB flash is allowed for business PC.

Sangfor VDI Values

  1. Centralized Management: Sangfor aDesk has reduced the time spent on management time with VMP and VDC unified platform
  2. Centralized Store: VDI ensures data is protected 100% and encrypted in VDI system, even admin doesn’t have access to it
  3. Mobile Desktop: User can work from any where, any time, any device. VDI makes work simpler

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