Main Components of Sangfor VDI Solution

1. Virtual Management Software VMS: Build dynamic resource pool, flexible server cluster environment and virtual machine to load desktop to control physical resources, unified manage and monitor.

2. Virtual Desktop Controller VDC: Cooperate with VMS, provide desktop users authentication management, data/desktop resources access control and desktop security monitor in order to deliver & guarantee valuable, secure and reliable desktop.

3. aDesk or Easy connect (ARM architecture): aDesk based on Android platform creates Greener Environment for Office and Easy connect can support ISO and Android, which provide a remote way to access servers.

Product Advantages

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly solution by reducing the total energy consumption of traditional PCs by at least 20%, reduce the overall noise and save space for small and middle offices. 

Lower TCO

Reduces PCs TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by delaying the investment in IT infrastructure and total energy consumption. 

Simplified IT Asset Management

Revolutionizes PC maintenance by releasing help desk from repeated, low-value work and simplifying IT asset management process for better management efficiency. 

Higher Security

Better security by eliminating PCs related security issues as well as protecting the internal data. 

Scenario Solutions

Solution for Education

Schools & Universities generally require low cost, low energy consumption and easy to maintain PCs for their laboratory or library. Sangfor VDI solution is able to provide an end-to-end platform, which can reduce the TCO and delay the investment in IT infrastructure with energy consumption 20% lower than the other solutions on the market. Sangfor already has a mature and large-scale commercial deployment experience in the field.

Solution for Enterprise

Enterprises generally require secured PCs with low energy consumption, low TCO and that can be quickly deployed for their R&D department and NOC. Sangfor VDI solution can offer a complete security system with 20% lower TCO (calculated on 5 years) than the other solutions on the market. 

Solution for Government

Governments require a solution that can support a large number of peripherals, easy to use & maintain, with low energy consumption, especially for department such as Administration Service Hal. Sangfor VDI solution provides a compatibility with 95% of the industry's common peripherals with the same advantages as the above solutions, which are 20% lower consumption and 20% lower TCO.

Other Industries

Sangfor Simple One-Stop VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution can also be used in other application scenarios such as the healthcare & finance industries, offering a solution with low TCO, low energy consumption and high security benefits.

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