Sangfor aDesk VDI Solution - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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SRAP Desktop Delivery Protocol

Push User Interface

  • Thin-Client
  • PC Terminal
  • PAD Terminal

Sangfor aDesk VDI – A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution

Sangfor aDesk VDI – A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution Sangfor aDesk VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Solution is the latest virtual desktop cloud solution based on hyper-converged infrastructure. Through deeply integrated server virtualization, desktop virtualization and storage virtualization, it only takes an aDesk thin client appliance and a cloud terminal to deliver rapid deployment of cloud platform.

This desktop virtualization solution assures an outstanding user experience, and software/hardware/peripheral comparable to PC. This solution also proves more secure and efficient.

A Superior Desktop Cloud Solution For Any Enterprise

Our Sangfor aDesk VDI desktop cloud solution in Hong Kong has successfully delivered over 300k+ thin client units with more than 100 cases and 1k+ units deployed. The very technology our solution utilises is world-renowned, as listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant of x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure.

Sangfor aDesk VDI promises a premium-quality solution with distinguished server visualisation and storage visualization most beneficial for a wide range of industries. Utilise Sangfor aDesk VDI as a remarkable solution for your educational facility, enterprise, government or other industry.

Revel in an end-to-end platform with low energy consumption, reduced TCO and an overall advanced infrastructure with greater security and stability.

Discover More About Server and Storage Virtualization

Sangfor aDesk VDI places what’s originally on PC - desktop, applications and data within a data centre via SRAP desktop delivery protocol and desktop virtualization, whereby it then outputs OS interface as image to front-end terminals such as cloud terminal, laptop, PC, smart devices etc.

As long as the network is up, users can use all kinds of terminals to access their personal desktop stored on the server. Data is more secure, desktop management is more efficient and user access is more flexible.

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Sangfor aDesk VDI Components

In the IT mode where traditional PC is used for office, hardware damage, system failure and tedious software updates are very common issues, which lead to a heavy management workload and high IT operation and maintenance cost.

It only takes 2 Sangfor aDesk VDI components – Thin-Client (cloud terminal) and VDS Server - to rapidly build up virtual desktop platform, An one-stop desktop cloud solutions can effectively improve deployment efficiency, simplify the workload of desktop operation and maintenance while ensuring information security and realizing the smoothness of mobile office.







VDS Server Thin-Client aDesk VDI Main Components

aDesk Thin Client is an ideal desktop cloud terminal which is plug and play, not only providing consistent access experience as traditional PC, but also guaranteeing security. At the same time, terminal management has been greatly simplified and become centralized by utilizing virtual desktop control platform VDC.

ARM/×86 Frame Runs more efficiently & stably

Integrated Design Integrated hardware producing less heat, lifecycle up to 5~8 years

Environmental Friendly Power consumption less than 10 watts, zero noise

VDS server integrates all desktop cloud components (server virtualization, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization), so as to achieve delivery of one-stop solution.

  • High Price-Performance Ratio

    One-Stop Purchase

    No Need Independent Storage

  • Excellent Ease of Use

    Pre-Installed Cloud Software

    Plug and Play

  • Outstanding Salability

    Seamless Horizontal Extension

    Automatic Load Balancing

  • Good Stability

    Cluster Design

    Automatic Failover

Pre-Installed Components:
  1. Server Virtualization Software (VMS)
  2. Storage Virtualization Software (VS)
  3. Virtual Desktop Controller (VDC)

Advantages of Sangfor aDesk VDI Technology

The innovative Sangfor aDesk VDI desktop cloud solution, through the front-end/back-end, software-hardware integration, makes desktop more smooth, stable, secured and efficient.

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Solution for Education

Schools & Universities generally require low cost, low energy consumption and easy to maintain PCs for their laboratory or library. Sangfor VDI solution is able to provide an end-to-end platform, which can reduce the TCO and delay the investment in IT infrastructure with energy consumption 20% lower than the other solutions on the market. Sangfor already has a mature and large-scale commercial deployment experience in the field.

Solution for Enterprise

Enterprises generally require secured PCs with low energy consumption, low TCO and that can be quickly deployed for their R&D department and NOC. Sangfor VDI solution can offer a complete security system with 20% lower TCO (calculated on 5 years) than the other solutions on the market. 

Solution for Government

Governments require a solution that can support a large number of peripherals, easy to use & maintain, with low energy consumption, especially for department such as Administration Service Hall. Sangfor VDI solution provides a compatibility with 95% of the industry's common peripherals with the same advantages as the above solutions, which are 20% lower consumption and 20% lower TCO.

Other Industries

Sangfor Simple One-Stop VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution can also be used in other application scenarios such as the healthcare & finance industries, offering a solution with low TCO, low energy consumption and high security benefits.

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