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What is SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)? 

Traditional network security architectures are on their way out, due to a need for more central, powerful and cloud-based network security services. SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, is a new concept described in Gartner’s 2019 “Future of Network Security in the Cloud” report. SASE is a combination of WAN, network security services like next generation firewall, endpoint security, zero trust and WAN (wide area networking), into a single cloud-based service model.

According to Gartner, “SASE capabilities are delivered as a service based upon the identity of the entity, real-time context, enterprise security/compliance policies and continuous assessment of risk/trust throughout the sessions. Identities of entities can be associated with people, groups of people (branch offices), devices, applications, services, IoT systems or edge computing locations."

Who is Gartner?

Gartner, Inc. often known simply as Gartner, is a global leader in the IT research and advisory field, providing best practice advice, information, reviews and tools for IT. In 2019, they saw a gap in available solutions designed to streamline cloud-readiness and transformation and network security, and thus SASE was born.

Benefits of SASE

In a nutshell, SASE is a marriage of SD-WAN, used to quickly and securely connect users, even from a distance, and network security. As you can imagine, SASE provides a number of awesome benefits to IT departments and users. First, SASE cuts cost and complexity, reducing the number of vendors IT departments need to work with and the amount of hardware and know-how required in branch offices and smaller locations.

SASE lets IT administrators use the cloud to set management and security policies from a central location to all areas of the network, while users all get access to the same excellent experience from anywhere. Security is increased due to uniform policy deployment, and SASE supports zero-trust networking. Finally, each application gets the bandwidth it needs while staff experience a vast reduction in daily administrative tasks.

Why is SASE the future?

Because it’s a blend of everything network security and cloud – providing the best of both worlds! Enterprises have always struggled to provide the best and easiest system management for their networking solutions. With so many critical systems like SD-WAN, NGFW, secure web gateways and VPN devices, management can get understandably complex when operating each solution independently.

Add to that the issues of lack of qualified IT and security personnel and multiple, and sometimes remote, office locations, and you can easily see where the management gaps are. What are companies doing to streamline these systems and provide the best user experience to customers, in-house and remote workers?

What is SASE Sangfor Access?

Sangfor Technologies SASE solution Sangfor Access, provides a secure, cloud-based connection for HQ, branches and remote users. Deploying Sangfor Access will get you protective authentication measures for users, 24/7 protection for all locations from malware, viruses and ransomware, and the ability to audit all traffic, external and internal, protecting the enterprise from insider threat.

Sangfor Secure Access incorporates several elements which work together seamlessly to provide the most capable, fastest and most secure network connection. Sangfor Internet Access is responsible for providing protection from malicious URL’s from anywhere on earth. Sangfor Enterprise Private Access controls identity and access, connectivity and enables the easy and fast use of all business applications. Finally, the Sangfor Analytics Platform tracks data leakage risks and does big data analysis to uncover any invisible threat. It works closely with Neural-X to uncover any invisible threat in the network before it becomes an issue.

Final Thoughts

The IT world is changing fast, and if industry analysts like Gartner are recommending an upgrade to SASE, it would be wise to listen. Deploying solutions like SASE ensure that you are not only ready for today’s fast moving world of IT, cloud and network security, you are ready for tomorrow.




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