sase gartner article 2What is SASE?

What does SASE do? Secure Access Service Edge, otherwise known as SASE (pronounced “sassy”), is a cloud-native combo of network security functions and solutions designed to provide secure access required by enterprises globally faced with an ultra-dynamic cyber security landscape. Where did SASE come from and why is it gaining popularity? Gartner coined the term and defined SASE in their August 2019 report, The Future of Network Security in the Cloud. Gartner’s report states,

"In cloud-centric digital business, users, devices, and the networked capabilities they require secure access to are everywhere... What security and risk professionals in a digital enterprise need is a worldwide fabric/mesh of network and network security capabilities that can be applied when and where needed to connect entities to the networked capabilities they need access to."

COVID has highlighted the need for more powerful solutions to connect distant employees, offices, and branches, while making it the kiss of death for travel, social interaction, and SD-WAN. SD-WAN was a big leap in security and cost-effective connectivity for remote locations and networks, third-party applications, but VPNs and web gateways have surpassed the abilities of SD-WAN to provide total connectivity and security. predicts great things for the future of SASE but believe adoption will be slow. CSO says while larger enterprises with large budgets are easily adapting to a changing digital landscape, smaller enterprises are struggling to find effective ways to secure their networks, detect threats, and monitor usage – all without the huge price tag. SASE is the answer to the questions we all will be asking in the coming years. Only 12% of businesses worldwide have adopted SASE, says NetMotion. Research groups and IT experts around the world predict over 100% growth in the SASE market by 2024 – making it a smart investment!

How does SASE Work?

How different are SASE and SD-WAN? SASE is now widely considered the successor to SD-WAN. But how does SASE work and why is it quickly overtaking SD-WAN as the connectivity solution of choice?

SASE is a perfect blend of network security and connectivity, controlled centrally and administrated from the cloud – all with much needed visibility and automated analytics. SASE applies policy-based rules to network devices and users based on the device or user, role, behaviour and location, or any number of other adjustable factors, with the goal of providing secure access to applications and data, regardless of location or distance from the data center. SASE provides the secure, automated, and reliable connection an enterprise needs to link locations from across cities, countries, and the globe, along with improved application performance and more powerful network security for all.

What are the Benefits of SASE?

SASE solutions bridge the gap between connectivity and security seamlessly, by providing numerous important benefits over other solutions like SD-WAN. A few of the benefits SASE users enjoy are:

  • Control of all user and application traffic from one single management location
  • Simplicity in monitoring and reporting, and the elimination of needing to upgrade, ship and install new hardware at any locations at all.
  • Consistent deployment and management of network security policies across all locations and for all applications and data traffic.
  • Reduced O&M requirements and costs including the need to employ IT experts, deploy and upgrade new hardware and security solutions, and expand bandwidth.
  • Simplified administration using a single-pane-of-glass management console eliminating the need for multiple vendors and solutions, each managed separately and increasing complexity.
  • Improved reliability in the control of network traffic and performance, providing automatic adjustment when needed to maintain excellent user experience.Increased agility becoming your greatest asset with easy scaling, management, and security across the board, even in new or remote locations.

Who Finds SASE Valuable?

SASE is most valuable for enterprises who need secure direct access between branches or remote offices. SASE is also the solution of choice for budget conscious enterprises who need ease of deployment from any location, but do not have an unlimited pocketbook to employ IT security and cloud experts to travel and maintain offices in many locations. Finally, SASE is being deployed by enterprises who are moving toward digital transformation to the cloud, prioritizing the easy distribution of secure access for everyone in the enterprise.

Sangfor Access SASE Solution

Sangfor Access is Sangfor’s total secure access cloud-native solution designed to connect branch offices securely and reliably.  Sangfor R&D developed Sangfor Access based on unique customer needs and guidance from Gartner. SASE Sangfor Access serves over 100,000 customers who operate branches and offices in some of the most remote locations, across continents, oceans, and borders. Branch offices extend the life of their existing routers (or Sangfor SIER) to provide SD-WAN level connectivity for all traffic into Sangfor Access.

Sangfor Access Protects Against Ransomware

Remote locations and users need only install a lightweight client on their devices to become connected and secured by Sangfor Access. With Sangfor Access, users are authenticated and protected from malware, ransomware, and other types of cyber-attack 24/7. Administrators can easily audit users and behaviour to discover any misuse of applications, bandwidth, or data leakage potential, no matter how remote the user. Sangfor Access SASE users have experienced decreased costs with Sangfor’s pay-as-you-grow strategy, allowing enterprises to scale as needed, and save their money for other critical functions or upgrades.

About Sangfor Technologies

SASE is the wave of the future, and Sangfor Access is the best-in-class solution for everyone, anywhere. Sangfor created their Sangfor Access SASE solution to meet the exclusive needs of our customers who are leaders in every industry that values security and reliable connectivity.

Sangfor Technologies is an APAC-based, global leading vendor of IT infrastructure and security solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at to learn more about Sangfor’s security solutions and ransomware protection, and let Sangfor make your IT simpler, more secure and valuable.

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