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Sangfor Endpoint Secure

The Future of Endpoint Security

Sangfor Endpoint Secure utilizes a different approach to defending systems from malware and APT threats compared to current next-generation Anti-virus (NGAF) or endpoint detection & response (EDR) solutions.

Endpoint Secure is part of a truly integrated cooperative security solution with Sangfor’s NGAF, IAM, and Cyber Command, providing a holistic response to malware infections and APT breaches across the entire organization's network, with ease of management, operation, and maintenance.  The solution is scalable to meet the needs of any organization needing on-premise management, cloud management, or a hybrid solution when it comes to endpoint security, protection, detection, and response.

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Features and Capabilities of Sangfor's EDR Tools

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• Scheduled or on-demand vulnerability and security policy compliance scanning
• Vulnerability Scan results provide informative patch recommendations, including global threat correlation.
• Compliance monitoring compares endpoint security configuration with organizational policies
• Enterprise asset tracking               
• Malware sandbox in Endpoint Secure Manager for dynamic analysis
• Endpoint Secure Protect Agent Ransomware honeypot capability
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Endpoint Secure does not just identify and block malware & APTs, it concentrates on the detection and response, ready to contain and mitigate that one breach WHEN it happens.
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Success Stories

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04 Sep 2020

About Sangfor Endpoint Secure - EDR Tools

Going forward, traditional endpoint security currently in use will have to be modified and updated, especially in the corporate world. With polymorphic malware being utilized in virtually all attacks today, the security solutions on offer that help with detection and response simply fall short of the mark.

With that in mind, the demand for endpoint security is expected to surge in the near future as forecasts indicate that damages from cyber security attacks and crimes are set to hit $6 trillion annually in 2021. With cyber security becoming increasingly vital in the digital age, the implementation of EDR tools will be more widespread to enhance security and protection. It will also go a long way in helping detect and respond to potential attacks in the future, making it an ideal security solution.

With endpoint security playing a greater role and being incredibly important now more than ever, it is essential to have the right EDR tools in place to combat cyber security attacks. Sangfor Endpoint Secure is the best endpoint security solution available and ensures that any security threats are curbed swiftly and effectively. This culminates into the corporate world being safer and better protected.

While safety is an essential feature of Sangfor Endpoint Secure, it doesn’t stop there as it goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide the ultimate in cyber protection. Whether this be stopping hackers in their tracks or laying the groundwork to avoid being held for ransom, Sangfor Endpoint Secure is paving the way for a safer tomorrow.

Sangfor EDR is one of the Cyber Forensics Tools

  • IT professionals can investigate any previous breaches to gain a better understanding of the security systems in place
  • Forensic tools can also be utilized to track down undiscovered or lurking threats in the system, such as malware

Works on any Operating Systems

  • Capable of being used across multiple operating system, Sangfor Endpoint Secure provides premier EDR tools for security, protection, detection, and response. It can be utilized on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Virtualization for any cloud services

  • As a virtualized endpoint security solution, Sangfor Endpoint Secure is being used on many cloud services, including Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.

Proven Success Records

  • Sangfor has successfully resolved cyber security attacks or implemented measures to stop them from happening for some of the world’s biggest firms, such as Coca-Cola. For a more in-depth insight into the capabilities of Sangfor’s endpoint security, protection, detection, and response, please read the success stories above.
  • You can also watch the videos that best describes functions and operations of Sangfor's EDR Security Solution. 
  • Please download and share brochure and fact sheets and share with your colleagues for better understanding. Reach us out for more details.