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Sangfor Platform-X

Corporate networks deliver a massive number of critical applications and services, requiring the deployment of multiple security appliances to protect the network, applications and to prevent cyber-attack. As a result, security policy setup and security log analytics have become increasingly complex, requiring threat intelligence to identify and prevent advanced threats.

Current Challenges

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Lack of security experts able to effectively analyze massive security logs or multiple security appliances with no correlated analytics.
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Undetected advanced threats are a great risk to an organization's core business applications and reputation.
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Small and mid-sized branch offices without a dedicated IT engineer are unable to manage complicated operations.

What is Sangfor Platform-X?

Sangfor Platform-X is a cloud-based security management platform, equipped to manage all Sangfor security products in the cloud by collecting, analyzing, and displaying all security logs. Through integration with Sangfor's cloud-based security solution, Neural-X, Platform-X enables comprehensive security and detection by alerting administrators to attacks or threats in real-time, thus vastly simplifying security operations.