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ANTV, Indonesia


Customer Background

ANTV was launched on March 1, 1993 as a local television station in Lampung Province. ANTV has 24 relay stations covering 155 cities across Indonesia, reaching 130 million people. In 2017, ANTV moved to new building. As a fashion media, ANTV pays attention to smart building solutions as well.

Customer Challenges

First of all, traditional management system is discrete, wasting human resources. The majority of ANTV staff work in media department, meaning less human resource to handle network issues.

Second, the old system is clumsy and cannot be unified. In the early stage of system design, the future business expansion was not taken into consideration. As time goes by, the existing system failed to meet the demand, it’s difficult to expand business, new systems cannot be integrated with existing system, and there’s no unified management.

Technical Demands

  1. Integrate system, including storage and server virtualization
  2. Support Smart building system, like CCTV, HTS, V Management System  
  3. Zero down time for oracle data base
  4. Easy scalability with hardware spare parts within 5 years

Values of Sangfor aCloud

SANGFOR HCI solution includes 2 aServer2000 x86 server with aSV, aSAN licenses to build up application base within 2 hours. Customer can deploy apps and database on HCI the next day. That’s is very important footprint to finish all program. 

  1. The unified UI is very easy to learn for ANTV IT staff. Management has become very easy
  2. Support all smart building apps/agents, they are running well on HCI VMs
  3. Scheduled backup solution to solve CCTV data backup issue 
  4. Integrated platform for one project with limited budget
  5. Easy expansion without downtime 

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