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Below you will find all the Success Stories of Sangfor, classified by Industry, such as Enterprises, Governments, Schools & Universities, etc.

Jakarta Eye Center, Indonesia


Customer Background

Jakarta Eye Center (JEC) is an Indonesia-based Private Eye Hospital operator that have International Standardized. JEC have Mission and Commitment for increasing People’s Life Quality especially for Eye Healthiness. It has been serving for People in Indonesia from 1984 for the First Eye Hospital the most Complete and the Most Professional.

Customer Challenges

  1. Customer needs to buy new servers or look for other options to replace current servers
  2. They have considered to move their environment to Cloud infrastructure
  3. They require 4 servers in their environment as a start
  4. Need Hyper-Converged Infrastructure that can continue utilizing existing storage, like SAN or NAS
  5. Need 3rd-party servers so that they can choose (they chose Dell Server in this case) 

Values of Sangfor aCloud

  1. Dell x86 servers-DellR740xd to build one cluster. Maximum can be extended up to 64 servers in one cluster 
  2. 8 sets software licences of aSV and aSAN for virtualization
  3. Continuous Data Protection to protect 5 VMs for critical applications

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