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Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital

Customer Overview
Since 1941, Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital (NHR) is a public hospital which serve patients located in the Narathiwat province (Thailand). It first started as a medical station and continued until 1952. After that, the Ministry of Health elevated this medical station to a hospital to provide medical care to a larger number of people.

Because of the network & system growth and expansion, they had to improve the existing IT infrastructure to enable new businesses and medical applications as well as improving employee’s user experience.

As a hospital with long history, NRH’s IT plan for the future was to develop and improve the quality of service provided by using IT system (e.g. EKG online) for online public service. But they still lacked of a network security solution to protect their critical applications.

• The previous traditional firewall had lower performance & less security feature.
• No server security protection for their Hospital & Medical IT system.
• Lack of policy control for both of internal and external user to access Medical IT system.

Sangfor NGFW solution was proposed with the following specifications and network topology (please refer to the Fig.1 on the right).

• Sangfor NGFW M5500 firmware version 4.5
• Sangfor NGFW is deployed as “Internet Gateway & DMZ” for server and endpoint protection.
• Enabled security suite such as IPS, Anti-malware, WAF.
• Enabled DDoS attack prevention.
• Enabled Risk Assessment for secure DMZ server zone & vulnerability management.

Values of Sangfor Solution
• Better firewall performance with all security modules FW + IPS + WAF enabled at the same time.
• Improved the security server protection such as Hospital Information Service (HIS) system.
• Improved the security protection of endpoint.
• Ensured online applications in DMZ zone.
• Ensured that NRH complied with the Healthcare Security Compliance (e.g. HIPAA).

Sangfor Solution
- NGFW - Next Generation Firewall

- IAM - Internet Access Management

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