Customer Introduction
PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk ("Lippo Karawaci") was founded on a vision to impact lives through the development of well-planned sustainable independent townships within green environments and first-class physical and social infrastructure.  Over more than a decade, the Company has proven itself to be a highly trusted property developer with a most recognizable brand name. It is the owner of the largest diversified landbank and a leader in pioneering projects in strategic locations throughout Indonesia.

Project Background
With the white-hot growth and competition of the online payment market in Indonesia lately, lagging network infrastructure is unable to fulfill the requirements of online payment applications like OVO, Go-Pay, or DANA. Customers often give up using online payment applications due to consistent bad experiences.  Dominating the market and beating most competitors, OVO (owned by Lippo group) cooperates with Lippo Mall, committed to improving the network and optimizing the payment experience.

Pain Points
Poor online payment experience
There are several online payment applications on the market that cancel the payment by the online application whenever the WIFI internet connection is unstable. With the goal of cornering the largest market share, Due to Lippo Mall, belonging to Lippo Group, seeks to solve these internet connection issues.

Internet abused without effective control over the guests
WIFI networks provide an internet connection for both shop payment devices and guests who use a majority of the available bandwidth, often affecting the payment system connection.

Bandwidth Usage & Application Reporting
IT administrators are often unaware of total bandwidth usage and are unable to gauge when it will max out. In addition, Lippo Mall executives need data on what websites receive the most traffic in each mall and expect a clear idea of bandwidth usage and application ranking in one single report.

Centralized Management
With several malls across the nation, the centralized management feature provides unified management overall devices at each mall.

Sangfor Solution
IAM was deployed in each mall to monitor and control bandwidth usage, guarantee OVO's bandwidth, improve the customer payment experience, and generate traffic and user behavior reports. BBC was also deployed in the HQ to manage all IAM devices in the malls.

Business Value
Improved guest internet access experience
By deploying IAM as an internet access management device, the smart and flexible bandwidth management solution made the overall network more stable than ever, decreasing complaints of slow internet access and improving the shopper and guest satisfaction with mall WIFI access.

Improved OVO payment application market
IAM guarantees the internet connection for OVO applications, instead of the give up online payment because of the poor internet access, now more and more guests use the online payment application when shopping in the Lippo mall, which will help OVO to gain more market share.

Comprehensive Reports
The IAM Advanced Report Center records audits and logs all network behavior of intranet users in easy-to-read graphical reports. With reports, curves, and statistics, IT managers are provided with all the detailed network information they need, including Internet access activities, bandwidth consumption, and viewed content. Reports are self-generating and sent automatically & regularly to an appointed e-mail address to effectively assist in the network design, security, and optimization of bandwidth usage.

Simplified Operation
Sangfor BBC provides a unified operation center, which helps decrease the work at the mall. All the policies and the configuration can be synchronized to each branch, reducing the workload for IT administrators at each mall and improving the internet connection experience.

Target Scenario
WIFI Network Management
▪ Customers with previously deployed WIFI network but without granular control solutions
▪ Customers’ core business applications need guaranteeing an excellent experience

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